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I was lied to…And I think you may have been too.  At 16 I began the journey of debunking the lies doctors, schooling, family and friends were telling me. The truths came apparent through my illnesses and a several year journey.

I was 16 years old and pooped once every 1- 2 weeks.  I thought this was normal as a teenager. You?

What a way to open an “About Rachel” page, but did I get your attention?

Let the debunking begin…

Lie #1: Consuming lots of meat, dairy, sugar and wheat aren’t killing you….and pooping 3 times a week is normal.

Yep, you heard me.  Most doctors say that on average if a person has 3 bowel movements a week, you’re doing good! CRAZY!

The American Food Pyramid highlights the glory of meat, dairy and grains (which is sugar) and we know scientifically that all of these foods turn into MANY MANY Man-made diseases.

At 16 years old I had horrible menstrual cycles……Ummmmm, like EVERY lady right?  Wrong! Youv’e been lied to to think you are suppose to be in pain during your extremely normal and regular cycle.

You add these colon and uterine issues together along with my good ol Standard American Diet (SAD) I got a large handful of ovarian cysts and a cancerous colon at 19……oh with massive arthritis in my knees I could hardly walk at one time.

Yoga-Riverwalk-CrescentI decided to heal myself with “Alternative Medicine”.  I had no idea what it meant but I knew it didn’t include cutting me open, burning off cysts, radiating and removing part of my colon or losing my hair.  And let’s face it, I was 19 and had boys to think about, not losing my hair.

I went from a liter of Coke a day, mac-n-chez out of the box, Vienna sausage from the can and daily steaks ( I got half off at my job, Steak and Ale), you know the typical Standard American Diet (SAD) to 100% Vegetarian……beans, grains, veggies and fruits, oh my!

I discovered that my colon is direct reflections of my immune system, the organ that absorbed nutrients for living and determined whether or not I had artritis. …and mine was dying….and I wasn’t alone.

I also had 2 cysts burst on two different fine occasions. I was a mess. I did light therapy, to reiki and massage, meditation to counseling and past life regressions, herbal tinctures from Chinese medicine to Ayurvedia medicine coffee enemas to multiple colon massages a day while on the toilet just trying to do the oh so desired, to poop!

I was cleaning the toilet one day and thought I was dying again! (I owned my own house cleaning business.)  I looked at the ingredients on the bottle and realized that if I accidentally drank this stuff then I’d probably really die since it was giving me several warnings and a number to call if I did drink it.  Have you ever noticed this?

Lie #2- You’ve been lied to by the bodycare industry saying your personal care products are safe! It’s a chemical cocktail that has never been tested and you are experimenting with it everyday.

soapmakingI started looking at the labels on my body care products. I learned in my cancer clean up years that our skin is our largest organ and is the 1st line to our immune systems, even before our long and skinny chamber friend, the colon.

And I got to tell you, “WE’VE ALL BEEN LIED TO about our beauty and hygiene products! THEY ARE LOADED WITH CARCENIGENS  TOO!…just like refined foods and commercial cleaning products.

Friking great! What can a girl (and you guys too) devour, slather on her skin and clean her home with that won’t kill her?

So I started making my own body care – turned into a big hobby into serious hobby and then went into business full time…at 22.

BAMM. 6 years later. Car Wreck!

It left me in excruciating pain, depressed and my yoga practice was totally failing me to help in any sort of recovery.  Instead, it was hurting me so bad! I thought, “forget this”  after 1.5 years of extreme pain and then I went to a workshop on alignment based yoga…..I’ll leave the details out other than my whole life became about healing my body, studying other peoples body’s and then POOF my studio attendees grew……A LOT. Because it worked. And I got it.

Well, guess what?  “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT YOGA TOO!”

Lie #3- You’ve been lied to that the way to prevent and heal injuries is through passive, kumbaya, Simon says yoga…..

I used to do kumbaya yoga that was flexy and dance like and made me feel graceful and pretty.

I thought because I was soooo flexible then I must be “doing” yoga really really good, but then I learned the more I lengthened not only without strengthening but without ALIGNMENT, then I was doing more harm than good and man did my body feel the pain.

bme31-smallAfter 1 week of this new practice, my neck and shoulder was 50% better….at least. I was sold.

Here’s what I know to be true:

  • If you want more energy for your career, your kids, your spouse, to balance your hormones and save  your marriage and to stay out of cancers way, then it’s ALL about what you put in your mouth- nutrition!
  • If you want to prevent and HEAL CHRONIC OR ACUTE injuries, then stop doing kumbaya yoga that’s passive and ripping your muscles and do alignment based yoga.
  • And if you are ready to up your common sense around what you put on your skin and stop using carcinogenic products to wash your hair, teeth and butt and make your pits smell heavenly, then start using body care that’s TOXIN FREE!

16 years later with one yoga studio, international retreats, founder and formulator to completely all natural body care products sold in retail stores nationally and in my retail location and a vitamixer later……this is what I’ve learned and I want you to feel what I feel- vibrant and healthy.

Let’s de-bunk the lies about Nutrition, BodyCare & Yoga. You in?

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