Rachel Sylvester, Blue Moon Elise Owner and Formulator

Rachel Sylvester, Blue Moon Elise Owner and Formulator

Would you like to be part of the Elite 15% of people that have switched from commercial toxic to 100% Natural Body Care?

Are you “over” conventional petroleum based Body Care Products that actually “cause” dry, itchy and problem skin?

Is your pocketbook tired of simply buying the latest, greatest and most expensive creams that over-promise and under-deliver?

BMe delivers exactly this! Where Do I Start?

Did you know that the commercial body care industry is one of the leading toxic industries in the WORLD? I mean really! The very products that we shop our grocery stores and malls for hygiene and body care are actually hyper-toxic to our bodies from carcinogens! YES I said carcinogens, AND ALSO filling our aquifers with toxins as well! This is absolutely… well, stupid comes to mind first! Then absurd, then outrageous… and ignorant!! Ok, did I give enough emotion here?!

Here’s What BMe Delivers:

  • 100% Synthetic Free Pure and Natural Body Care
  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • 100% Earth Friendly
  • 100% Therapeutic Body Care that Works!

So, Where Do You Start?

Start with the 3 most common products we all use each and every day: soap, lotion and lip balm.  Learn More…

These are HIGHLY adulterated and literally the most drying products on the market!  Get your BMe 100% Pure and Natural alternatives today! Use them for a few days and notice the difference yourself all while being an amazing steward of OUR planet! Come on!

Oh, and warning… you’ll get Healthy, Glowing and Vibrant Skin fast!  Oh, and if you have eczema, psoriasis, itchy or dry skin, STOP using commercial preservative laden crap! You’ll never get rid of it that way!


Get on the right track with our B-Natural Gift Bag which includes our signature soap, lotion, and lip balm.

Get on the right track with our B-Natural Gift Bag which includes our signature soap, lotion, and lip balm.

Here’s what folks are saying about BMe bodycare:

I LOVE Blue Moon Elise products. They are the perfect birthday or thank-you gift for my clients, and one thing I particularly like is that they aren’t just for women. They’re always well-received and enjoyed. Thank you, Rachel, for helping me take extra-special care of my clients.
Pamela Bruner
As an Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, I believe in gifting my clients when they take action to invest their time, energy and resources with me. Why? Because every woman loves a present, but more importantly because it shows that I’m invested in THEIR success and they’re not simply a number. The important thing here is WHAT to send and WHO to send it. I continuously choose Blue Moon Elise as my gift concierge because their product is not only good for people and the planet, it’s a perfect fit with my brand. AND they care about their clients with thoughtful presentation, personalized gift notes in each package and always accommodating shipment times to coordinate with our needs. Thank you to the whole BMe team for bringing even more value to my clients.
Deborah Kagan
I just love the way Rachel and her team spoil my customers. Her products are so yummy to use, everyone I send them to call me with such gratitude. Plus, Rachel makes it so easy to send her products right to my customers’ door. She handles everything which is exactly what I need with my hectic schedule. Thank you Rachel for taking care of my customers like they were your own.
Bonnie Preston
Blue Moon Elise has been fabulous to work with! What a unique way to say thank you, congratulations, job well done…you name it… to our clients and peers in the travel industry! All I have to do is contact Rachel and her team with the name and occasion and they take care of the rest…saves me loads of time and I love that we are spoiling others with a natural, healthy product. I highly recommend the Blue Moon Elise team to meet the gift giving needs for your business.
Sandy Salle
We are in the practice of sending gratuity gifts to all of our clients and we were searching for the perfect pamper gift for my Masterminders. We ordered some fantastic products to encourage relaxation and stress reduction. Our clients loved the products and Blue Moon Elise. Thank you for helping us take great care of our clients.
Monica Shah
Rachel made it so easy for me to make a lasting and meaningful impression. I wanted to send thank you gifts to participants in my telesummit that were beautiful and thoughtful without having to do all the work myself.The recipients were impressed and appreciative of the gifts and I loved how easy it was to select the right products and packages for each person and then have Blue Moon Elise take care of preparing all the 24 packages with handwritten notes and all. I will definitely turn to Rachel again to gift clients and business partners alike. I highly recommend using her Concierge Service to any coach and business owner. What beats giving the gift of health and wellness to a busy woman?
Priscilla Stephan
Your soapmaking class was simply fabulous! Your experience, talent and presentation made the class a wonderful learning experience. I have already tried four more batches on my own, and have many “new” friends who have received gift soap bars. They are all in awe of my talent-which or course, I owe entirely to you. Please keep up your work and the spirits of others wanting to find a healthier lifestyle.
Judy Price, Atlanta, GA
My husband and I had a great time learning the basics of soapmaking in the Blue Moon Elise class. Rachel was open, organized, and gave simple but complete instructions in the process…all with a joyful heart! Her presentation about the reason for her passion prompted me to do more research on the body care industry. And, of course, we were able to take home a wonderful product which we were proud to have made.
Sally Blankenship, Brasstown, NC
“Every time I’ve had the pleasure of being led by you in yoga I walked away more expansive, energized and excited about life. I feel the same about your BMe products.”
Yogi Deborah Rachel Kagan
“Your contagious smile and authentic spirit makes my heart so happy! I dream of the day that I can join you on retreat.. or even in your cozy studio in the mountains for more amazing yoga instruction. Your focus on holistic health and your approach to your personal yoga practice make you a walking testimony that you live what you believe. I have never felt so comfortable in yoga as when you are leading me and appreciate the knowledge you have shared with me to help better my health and practice. Not to mention I am completely addicted to your body care products rock on my sister.”
Yogi Tara Port Watson Holleman
"I was in a bad accident and have scoliosis, sciatica, sports injuries from 18 years of competitive swimming, etc. After practicing with instructors like you, who focus on the physiology of yoga and the health benefits of working with joints and bones, I am a changed body and woman. You speak truth. You are an inspiration for well being and health.”
Yogi Hollie Butler Lytle
“Rachel is an amazing teacher. She helps you achieve your full potential with detailed instructions. I am always excited to take one of her classes and see what I am capable of under her expert guidance. Thank you Rachel you Rock!”
Yogi Lisa Lanham
“I have been going to yoga for over 3 years now and have always felt I was getting lots of health benefits. Now I am sure. In August, I was painting the exterior of my house. I had climbed a ladder leaning against the deck railing. I heard the metallic sound of it slipping out from under me, and before I could react, the ladder threw me off upside down onto my gravel drive. I landed on my right side and hit the top side of my head. As I rolled, I slammed my left arm onto the gravel. Next thing I knew, I was sitting with my knees up with blood running down my face. As my partner ran around to me, I tried to assure him I was okay. Of course, I wasn’t. He loaded me into the car and we headed for the emergency room. I got 3 staples in my head wound, a brace on my broken left hand and a bottle of pain killers. My yoga practice comes in here: It could have been a lot worse. My core muscle strength and flexibility helped me absorb the trauma of the fall and proved to be my saving grace as I began to heal. In just 3 days, I could move around and lift myself out of bed without help. By the end of the first week, I felt really good. Although my hand took some time, that was even a pretty quick recovery because my hands were strong from plank and down dog poses. All in all, I am convinced yoga saved me. I started back last week and I feel great! I’m proud of my resilience and I thank Rachel and her teaching for my continued good health. Namaste!”
Yogi Nancy Thomas
“BMe Yoga has really helped me through a difficult time. All that I have learned in your classes has really paid off. Thank you so much for helping me. I was feeling pretty scared and desperate for a while there, but yoga helped me get through it. Murphy is lucky to have you!”
Yogi George Mainville
“I stumbled onto BMe’s Yoga studio by way of a promotional pass I received when my children purchased a cozy warming wrap for me as a Christmas gift. Upon my arrival I was immediately greeted by Rachel. After introductions, she spoke to me about my yoga practice, and inquired about any physical needs or ailments I had. The intimate classes begin with the teachings and benefits of yoga – the focus or intention for each session prepares me to be present, open my heart, and listen to my body. Throughout the session Rachel is actively engaged with students providing adjustments as needed. When I leave her class I am focused, and prepared for the challenges of the day. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous friendship. Blue Moon Elise is truly a gold nugget in the mountains of Murphy North Carolina.”
Yogi Paula A. Watt