Body Lotion



ProductPageMain_LotionOk, so the deal with average commercial lotions is that they contain the preservative petroleum, which honestly is a great preservative, but listen carefully… petroleum is also extremely DRYING! The exact opposite of what you are using a lotion for! Not only is it drying, but petro is a known carcinogen! What the heck?!

Here is an absolute no-brainer… use 100% Pure & Natural Lotion that hydrates your skin while providing the necessary nutrients to build healthy collagen for a glowing outer shell. Essential Oils are also added to the carrier oils for therapeutic benefits.


body-lotion-energizedBMe B: Energized Body Lotion
Our super energizing lotion is excellent for tired or sluggish legs, especially for athletes or those who work on their feet all day…
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body-lotion-freeBMe B: Free Body Lotion
This formula contains Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit for a sweetly uplifting, nourishing and revitalizing experience…
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body-lotion-spiritualBMe B: Spiritual Body Lotion
Our B:Spiritual formula contains the essential oils of Cypress and Lime making this a wonderfully uplifting formula that is nourishing and…
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body-lotion-naturalBMe B: Natural Body Lotion
Our mildest formula is naturally soothing and enriching with Lavender and Mandarin essential oils. This formula is great for…
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