Bug Products


repel-bugs-imageOh my goodness it’s still bug season…Particularly mosquitoes!

Do you want a natural product that actually works to repel mosquitoes?

Do you ever get weirded out by the poison warnings that are on mosquito repellents and wonder why the heck you put them on your body and your kids body’s anyway?

Can actually have a product that avoids the nasty itch of those pesky pest?

Well there is! BMe makes a natural bug repellent, Ain’t Buggin’ Me spray! AND IT WORKS!


body-spray-aint-buggin-meAin’t Buggin Me Body Spray – Water Based
Apply ample amounts even to your hair and clothes! Great for really sweaty days instead of the oil…
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body-mist-bug-spray1Bug Spray Oil
Wow, a bug oil that works without toxic poisons! Our bug spray is oil-based and therefore creates a multi-stage defense for your skin…
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soap-aint-buggin-meAin’t Buggin’ Me Bug Soap
Our Ain’t Bugging Me soap is excellent for being outdoors in the garden, or for a warm evening stroll. Paired with…
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So, YES you can stay bug bitten and welt free Safely, Naturally & Effectively WITHOUT needing to smell like toxic fumes and having poisonous warning labels all over your bottles!

From Africa to NC, BMe Customers LOVE Ain’t Buggin’ Me…

“I purchase Ain’t Buggin’ Me each year by the dozens.
I work in Africa filming and it’s the only repellent I know works!”
– Tony from Into The Wild.

“My son went to Africa and brought your Ain’t Buggin’ Me Spray. He was the only one without deet…
and he was the ONLY one that didn’t get bites all over him!”
– K. Devant, Columbia SC


Lab TESTED – Compliments of Brad