Roll On



ProductPageMain_RollOnWant a “perfume” that’s 100% Pure & Natural? How about one with no synthetic chemical laden carcinogenic perfume, yet smells divine and is therapeutic for you as well?

Now this is a great dealio: BMe offers 7 Roll On Essences that smell of fields of plants from the flowers to the barks. These essential oil blends stimulate your mind, help you sleep more soundly and are even known aphrodisiacs! Click on each one to discover which does what.



roll-on-patchouliPatchouli Botanical Essence
Patchouli is renowned as an anti-depressant and aphrodisiac as well as for hormonal balancing. It is one of the few oils that whose…
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roll-on-sandalSandalwood Botanical Essence
Sandalwood is derived from the tropical, and nearly extinct, sandalwood tree. Warm, sweet, and woody, Sandalwood has long been…
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roll-on-energizerEnergizer Botanical Essence
Our blend of Lemon, Rosemary, and Petitgraine supports circulation and relaxation, helping to reduce anxiety and nervousness. This blend also…
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roll-on-freedomFreedom Formula Botanical Essence
Freedom Formula is our favorite and most popular blend!  It’s sweet aroma of Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit essential oils are most known for…
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roll-on-sleepeaseSleep Ease Botanical Essence
Sleep Ease is the stress relief formula to choose for daytime relaxation, including the balancing of hormones! It’s a fabulous blend of Lemon…
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roll-on-romanceRomance Botanical Essence
Not only is the name catchy, but men and women alike are intoxicated by the balance of this male and female formula. Enjoy the refreshing scent…
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roll-on-lusciousLavender Botanical Essence
Lavender is the most popular essential oil for it’s ability to calm and relax even the most stressed individuals! A must have! This oil is…
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