Room Spray



ProductPageMain_RoomSprayWhat exactly is a Room Spray? Or more specifically, what exactly is in a commercial Room Spray? It’s a cocktail of toxic poisons designed to cover up another smell!- YUK!  Why not use a Room Spray comprised of Pure Plant Essential Oils that kills the bacteria causing the stinky odors, does it safely AND yet smells AWESOME as well?!  Bme’s Room Sprays of Lavender, Mint, Romance and Citrus all offer  anti-bacterial qualities that will  naturally clean up everything from your counters and toilets to your hands and car seats!



room-spray-citrusBMe Citrus Room Spray
Our Citrus Room Spray is used to enliven the air and create a sense of cleanliness. This formula is anti-bacterial and uniquely suited…
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room-spray-romanceBMe Romance Bliss Room Spray
Romance Bliss is a time proven formula of Sweet Orange, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang. Mist your linens, bathroom, sofa…
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room-spray-mintBMe Mint Bliss Room Spray
Our Mint Bliss Room Spray is an invigorating formula with natural detoxifying qualities for any room of the house! It’s stimulating…
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room-spray-lavenderBMe Lavender Room Spray
Lavender blossoms relax the mind, refresh the air, and renew the body. This wonderful plant is the most delicate for children and…
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