Salt Scrub



ProductPageMain_SaltScrubBme’s Pure and Natural Salt Scrubs are made to deeply exfoliate your skin while adding massive amounts of moisture!  Ever wonder why trying to moisturize your skin just doesn’t seem to work!? Because if you are simply moisturizing dead skin the nutrients from your lotion can’t be absorbed.  Think about it.   So it’s simple…first exfoliate to remove the old skin which then allows the moisture and nutrients from the oils to be absorbed by your newer healthier skin!  Bme offers 3 Salt Scrubs, energizing Peppermint, the aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang and also detoxifying cypress and basil.


salt-scrub-sweet-surrenderSweet Surrender Scrub
This blend of Ylang Ylang and Lavender matches that of our Sweet Surrender Soap. The essential oils are delicate…
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salt-scrub-sweet-elisaSweet Elisa Scrub
This is our anti-cellulite formula. In combination with the scrubbing action and the stimulating and detoxifying essential oils, it…
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salt-scrub-sweet-peppermintSweet Peppermint Scrub
Our Sweet Peppermint Salt Scrub is invigorating and stimulating! Peppermint cools your skin and soothes restless muscles. If you…
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