Essential Oils 101:
Improving Your Quality of Life…Naturally!

So you’ve seen all the hype around Essential Oils in the last few years…. And I’m so excited because we’ve been talking Essential Oils around here for 18 years!


Have you ever wondered?

Do these lil’ bottles of plant oils really work?  And, for real, how then?
Where do they come from?
What can they do for YOU on an everyday basis?
What are the right Essential Oils to get and How Oh How do you use them?!!
Use E.O.’s in your bath…..the safe way!
Understand dilution ratios for daily use, acute issues, and people who need special care due to sensitivities.
How to choose the right diffuser for your home or workplace, so you can use it to promote great health while uplifting your senses.
Make natural aromatic massage oils to achieve different effects during a massage, such as stress relief, muscle relaxation, or immune support.
I can’t wait to share with you the basics of Essential Oils and how easy and effective these babies are for you and your family! Come join a class with me and you’ll get to:
  • Discover my Top 5 Essential Oils to not ever go without
  • Get to sniff, smell and use my very own stash of E.O.’s at BMe
  • I’ll even show you my private stash of E.O.’s that we don’t often sell due to very high pricing.
  • Learn the umpteen ways to use essential oils first hand with oils, water, diffusers, salts and other body care products!

BONUS: So, come and join in a class.  Stop living without these lil’ healers and walk away with some special bonuses just for attending:

  1. Leave with an Essential Oil just for you to start using that day!
  2. Get unlimited discounts on all of BME Essential Oils from that day and on!
  3. Receive my very own quick guide to Essential Oils!

How to Book: Check the schedule.  Classes book way early. Call 828-837-2727 or click here and book your spot with $20 reservation fee.

What to Bring: A BIG ‘Ol Smile, pen and paper

What to Expect: A lot of fun, education and inspiration.

Cancellation Policy:   $20 deposit to reserve your spot. Cancel 4 days prior and deposit is given back in Gift Certificate form.  Cancel within the 4 days and lose deposit.  Sorry, of course I’m not just trying to keep your dough.  The classes are small and we hold your spot.  It’s much harder to get that spot filled a few days prior.    

Want in? Click the Sign Me Up! Button.