BMe_Soapmaking2-small Soap Making Classes

Want to learn how to make soap from scratch?

Well, you can… Book your class now! 828-837-2727. Since I keep the class size to a sweet 6, you can image the classes fill rather quickly. Classes are about 3 hours long and the cost is $59.00. You can reserve your spot with a $20 deposit.

Here is the exciting low down on what you’ll do in our BMe SoapMaking Class:

  • Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
  • Necessary materials, supplies and equipment
  • Safety considerations when working with sodium hydroxide
  • Taking accurate measurements & proper mixing temperatures
  • Superfatting
  • Coloring soap naturally with herbs, spices & clays
  • Using pure essential oils to scent your soap naturally
  • Preparing your molds and molding options
  • Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap
  • Decorating and packaging to impress

The cold process method of SoapMaking relies almost exclusively on the heat generated by saponification (the chemical reaction of fatty acids and alkali to produce soap). No external heat is applied once the ingredients have been mixed.  Although it may seem complicated when you are first starting out, making your own soap from scratch (the way some of our grandparents did) using all-natural ingredients can be both fun and rewarding ~ not to mention extremely addicting!

Feel free to call or e-mail to let us know of your plans to visit Murphy.
828 837 2727

Student Testimonials

My husband and I had a great time learning the basics of soapmaking in the Blue Moon Elise class. Rachel was open, organized, and gave simple but complete instructions in the process…all with a joyful heart! Her presentation about the reason for her passion prompted me to do more research on the body care industry. And, of course, we were able to take home a wonderful product which we were proud to have made.
Sally Blankenship, Brasstown, NC
Your soapmaking class was simply fabulous! Your experience, talent and presentation made the class a wonderful learning experience. I have already tried four more batches on my own, and have many “new” friends who have received gift soap bars. They are all in awe of my talent-which or course, I owe entirely to you. Please keep up your work and the spirits of others wanting to find a healthier lifestyle.
Judy Price, Atlanta, GA