Eclipse 2017 Murphy, NC

Eclipse 2017 Murphy, NC

Eclipse 2017 Fallout.

Where were you when the moon covered the sun Monday, August 21st? I was literally bawling from the intensity of the eclipse. I had my NASA certified solar glasses, but my heart was absolutely breaking open from the magnitude of what I was witnessing. I have never before experienced anything that made me feel so finite and so much a part of the infinite, at the same time, as the eclipse did. I’m still assimilating the experience into my daily life and into my practice!

What the eclipse taught me:

For starters, it taught me that we live in an incredibly complex and awe inspiring universe. Sure, we see pictures from space all of the time. We see videos of beautiful hidden marvels of the natural world. We read articles of recent space discoveries that change our history books and assumptions about the nature of the universe. We, however, are experience driven animals. The eclipse taught me that knowledge is great, but experiencing wonder is really what drives us as creatures. That engulfing wave of awe, or gratitude, or joy, can sustain us for months to come.

When I allow that awareness to seep into my daily life I have to start asking myself: is my practice inspiring me? Is my life inspiring me?

I realize that it’s wonderful to be able to practice and  teach yoga, but that is something entirely different to come to a place of awe in my yoga, and that this is really what I am seeking. While my healthy lifestyle is wonderful, and important, it’s for nothing if I’m not using that to gain the energy, clarity, and stamina, to help me to experience the daring beauty of life.


To be clear: the eclipse was a wake up call.

It was an archaic call to action from the Universe. It asked me to cultivate that same awe and wonder into the sunrise, sunset, and storm. We often become accustomed to these every day events that we forget that we are experiencing the cosmic dance of life and that it is a powerful beyond words that we are able to witness these wondrous events.

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