Do you feel like you’re sacrificing yourself, your happiness, your life, and/or your relationships all in the name of business success, even though you know you got into business to have BETTER health, wealth, and happiness?

Are you worried that all the time, energy, and effort you’re putting into your business isn’t yielding the results you want – and you fear burnout may be just around the corner?

Are you sick and tired of NOT bringing your whole self to the table, or NOT creating a life, relationships, and business that celebrates ALL of you?

Then The Healthy Entrepreneur Online Event is Perfect For You!

Priscilla Stephan, owner of Sweet Path Wellness, Inc, has gathered 25 of her favorite health and business experts for The Healthy Entrepreneur Online Event.

And, we at Blue Moon Elise are delighted to be a sponsor of this event.

This online event kicks off Monday, January 28th and wraps up Monday, February 4th, 2013.

Each day, you’ll hear from 3 incredible experts around a common life, body, or business theme.

During The Healthy Entrepreneur Online Event, you will unlock the success secrets to:
  • Awaken Your Healthy Entrepreneur
  • Use Intuition As a Success Tool For Your Body & Business
  • Tap Into Your Feminine Business Savvy
  • Awaken Your Authentic Voice, Embody Your Brand, & Become a Mission Driven Mega Mogul
  • Build a Healthy Entrepreneur Business Model
  • Create Success & Sustainability in Your Body & Business
  • Build A Healthy AND Wealthy Entrepreneurial Business

And so much more!
Even if you are not a business owner or intend to be, check out the Health Experts!

Register now for this no-cost online

Priscilla and her experts have been on their own journeys in their bodies and businesses. They’re excited to show you how to once and for all unlock the success secrets of becoming YOUR best Healthy & Wealthy Entrepreneur!

The Healthy Entrepreneur Online event will fast track your results and give you direct access to 25 experts all ready to show YOU the way to loving your body while loving your business.

Sign up for The Healthy Entrepreneur Online Event NOW: Click here to get going!

This free online event is taking place Monday, January 28th through Monday, February 4th…….and my talk is on February 4th!!
Hope you get in on the latest with us,
Rachel Sylvester