Feeling completely overwhelmed…


And looking for a natural way to find some stress relief?


We’ve got you covered! Read below on some of our favorite herbs and remedies that I use to release tension, anxiety, and stress.


While there are various methods of relieving stress such as yoga, meditation, exercise, and therapy, I’d like to focus on all natural, organic, herbal remedies for the sake of time and your attention.


Stress is a natural, I’ll begrudgingly admit, part of life. Stress is an indicator that one or more of our systems is out of balance. Whether that be our mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, bodies. Sometimes it’s a combination of two or more of the systems that has us feeling anxious and on edge.


Here are my top three favorite herbs for stress relief:


  1. Lavender

   8203d75380d60db526289ca9eedb648fxxl Despite mass assumption lavender is NOT a sedative, rather it is a relaxant. Basically that means that if you use lavender to manage your stress it isn’t going to knock you out for the count. It’s going to work on relaxing your muscles and your mind without sending you out for the count. We can barely keep our shelves stock with our roll-on Lavender Botanical Essence.




  1. Chamomile

chamomileChamomile is an herb for stress that doesn’t really get the attention that it deserves. Chamomile is a daisy-like flower that you might hear referred to as Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile. The German is known for being sweeter in remedies, and its sister bitter. The flavonoids and volatile oils work as an anti-inflammatory as well as have remedial calming properties. Chamomile has even been used, during the medieval age, as a remedy for asthma and even cancer.



  1. Valerian Root

Valerian Root has a long history of stress relief. Valerian does have sedative properties and is best valerian2used to unwind once you get home.Valerian works by increasing the GABA levels in your brain which can help with insomnia, stress, and even blood pressure. We love Valerian because it has very little morning drowsiness side effects. The root is a bit pungent, and ironically the flowering top was used as the main ingredient in many perfumes once upon a time.






We hope that this quick overview of my favorite herbs for stress relief help guide you when you’re feeling the pressure! If you loved our blog follow us on Facebook and Instagram!