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Customize Your Massage with BMe’s Signature Aromatherapy Blends.  Pick Your Blend, Get Your vBlend, Enjoy Your Blend!  How about we add a few Hot Towel Wraps?

Following your wonderful massage, don’t forget to pick up some of your favorite blends to have at home with you as well!!!

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Stress Relief

Are your muscles tired and achy and yet you still can’t seem to Slooowww Down?  If you’re like most of us, Probably!  If so, choose me!

My Blend contains both a sedative and an anti-inflammatory.  I am the most popular blend, because I work great!!!

Includes essential oils of chamomile, lavindin, marjoram, and nutmeg.

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I’m your tried and true age-old Stand-By!

My blend is designed to aid in letting go of life’s everyday “to do’s” while adding the extra benefit of super nourishing your skin!!!

Includes lavender essential oil.


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Do you feel a bit sluggish and are in need of a jump start of energy to get that circulation going?  Then I’m your blend!

My blend is full of stimulants, which contrary to popular belief are actually relaxing!

Pick me and get your lymphatic system and blood flow pumping without the feeling of bouncing off the walls caused by most of those energy drinks!!!

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Freedom Formula

We all have our days where for whatever reason, we are just feeling a bit “down in the dumps.”  Well, NO MORE!

My blend’s combination of Ylang Ylang and Grapfruit is oh-so sweet and will provide you with the Ultimate Uplift!!!