Many of you have noticed I have been absent and have reached out. I have devoted my life to transforming the lives of others and now I am in the midst of some life transitions of my own
……it’s a process, but it’s all good because that’s how we grow as individuals…..And I am banking on some major shifts this go round as I put in the “work” of true surrender, steady intent and truthful prayer. The proof of my journey right now is just starting to bear fruit (in my heart at this point) even as I have struggled in these last few months, so deeply, in so many facets of my life. 
Don’t worry though! BMe ISN’T closing and the team is full throttle at the store and instructors have stepped up to continue yoga in my absence. And lastly, my Healthy Habits Program will begin again, as I already have folks signed up and patiently waiting. Thank you all!
I remember the breakdown I had 20 years ago..…sick and depressed and look where it got me? 
I emerged to create a thriving business, helping thousands to become healthy, in not only their bodies, but nurturing truthfulness in their hearts and intentional, aware thoughts in their minds all while sculpting their lives with mind, body and heart. Who knew I’d ever be doing what I do based on that breakdown? I surely didn’t. I thought I was pathetic. 
Yes, I’ll be back, a better version of myself, more motivated than ever for YOUR mission and MY passion for our health and happiness….
Life is about being happy and healthy, honoring our inner desires to live life to our FULLEST, while loving those we choose to love so FULLYbecause we want to, no “shoulds”, no “musts”..….just plain good ol’ real, truthful, passionate love, “true love”. 
In the meantime, I’d like to thank my circles of personal friends, my staff who have been outstanding…….my circle of yoga clients I see weekly, who I thank for sticking this out with me as well as my larger internet based circle for your thoughts, prayers and support….I am blessed in the midst of this and I acknowledge you. 
So, the Big Daddy, AKA God, has thrown 5 major life circumstances my way….for a breakdown perhaps….only to lead to, as I trust, a BREAKTHROUGH that will not only make me a much better person, but I trust that it’s in efforts to share that light in the work I am so blessed to do with you.
Again, thank you all for the continued support in my absence right now.