Essential Oils

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  • BMe Citronella Essential Oil

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    • antibacterial
    • antidepressant
    • anti-inflammatory
    • detox
    • digestion
    • fever
    • internal
    • infection
    • insect repellent
    • stimulant
    • wounds

    Rachel’s Favorite way to use: I love using this for repelling bugs!  I can’t stand getting bitten like anyone else and this stuff ROCKS!  What I like most about it, is that I don’t have to use poison on me or my lil’ boys body to stay unbitten! Check out BMe’s BUG SPRAYS!

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  • BMe Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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    • Eucalyptus Benefits:
      • Antiseptic
      • Antibiotic
      • Antifungal
      • Anti-infectious (acne, rashes, home cleaner)
      • Expectorant and pectoral (bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, asthma, sore throat, cold, fever)
      • Anti-neuralgic and anti-inflammatory (flu, post-workout, headaches, general pain, mental exhaustion, sluggishness).

      Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: Ok, yes my most favorite way to use this oil is for when I’m sick. I put 1-2 drops max in a cup of hot water and I breathe it in, holding the top with my hands between each breath.  Don’t get it in your eyes, so eyes closed!  It won’t kill you; it’ll just burn…a lot.  If it’s upper respiratory, breath in through your nose and if it’s in your chest, breathe through your mouth.  And you’ll be good to go.  Get a tissue box!

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  • BMe Grapefruit Essential Oil

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    • Cleanses and purifies
    • Beneficial for oily skin issues
    • Supports healthy metabolism
    • Helps reduce mental and physical fatigue
    • Encourages a positive emotional balance


    Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: I just love this oil for diffusing around my house.  It makes me happy and is very inviting.  Perhaps, it’s what keeps my guest from overeating while at my home!  I’m also a big fan of this in a lotion….again because it makes me feel happy.  It’s in BMe’s B:Free Lotion.

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  • BMe Lavender Essential Oil

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    • Calmative (anxiety, insomnia)
    • Antiseptic
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antibiotic for skin problems (sunburn, insect bites, cuts, rashes)
    • Reduces muscular tension and spasms.

    Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: This is a must have for every home if for nothing else, for burns!  Everyone seems to get a burn at some point whether a sunburn or touching the stove.  It happens and people get majorly injured from burns. Lavender can do wonders on up to 3rd degree burns!  IF burned, I wouldn’t try and dilute etc.  Just put some drops on you.  Then follow up with a BME Lavender Body Oil blend in carrier oil and WATCH IT HEAL BEFORE YOUR EYES.

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  • BMe Lemon Essential Oil

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    • Depurative
    • Antiseptic
    • Immunostimulant
    • Antibiotic (purifying, cleansing, immune system)
    • Detoxicant (cold and flu, rheumatism, infections)
    • Digestant
    • Anti-depressant
    • Stimulant
    • Calmative qualities
    • Promote a good mood (exhaustion, depression, fatigue)

    Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: I love to diffuse this in my home …for many reasons.  One it’s super uplifting, two everyone LOVES it and three it’s great for cleansing the air and preventing colds and flus. So for me, this one is a mainstay! (make link to diffusers)

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  • BMe Lemongrass Essential Oil

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    • Carminative
    • Clarifying
    • Energizing
    • Tonifying
    • Astringent
    • Cleansing to oily skin
    • Blackheads
    • Tightens pores
    • Invigorating
    • Restoring
    • Stimulating and Reviving


     Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: Well my all time favorite way to use Lemongrass is to bath with it in a soap, of course like BMe’s soap!  It’s awesome for tissue repair, tonifying, astringent and for oily skin.  And lastly, it smells A-Mazing!  It’s also a favorite amongst the men!

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  • BMe Lime Essential Oil

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    • Stimulating & Strengthening
    • Stimulates appetite
    • Anti-bacterial

    Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: I absolutely love to diffuse this oil. (make link) It literally makes me joyful.  EVERYONE LOVES IT TOO!  It’s also great for cleaning the air eliminating germs that lead to colds and flus.  This one gets diffused all the time in the winter especially! I love it on my body too.  This is why I put it in our Spiritual Lotion.  To me, receiving happiness is tapping into my spirituality, a place of where truth is.

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  • BMe Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil

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      • Helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety
      • Relief of muscular cramps and spasms
      • Aids digestion
      • Relief of the symptoms of colds
      • Temporary relief of the cough of bronchitis
      • Beneficial in dull and oily complexion

      Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: This is another Essential Oil that I go through a lot in my home.  It’s inexpensive and it delivers loads!  I love diffusing it because of its uplifting/anti-depressant qualities and I love it on my body for the same reasons!  Heck, I use it in the diffuser, BMe’s Oil, BMe’s Roll Ons, my bath water and in my cleaning products. Orange. It’s where it’s at!:) (make links to the diffusers, Romance Body Oil and Romance Roll on)

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  • BMe Patchouli Essential Oil

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    • Insect repellent
    • Antidepressant
    • Inflammation
    • Fever
    • Wounds
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Scars
    • Weight loss

    Rachel’s Favorite way to Use: I got to say, I actually like adding a little Patchouli to my BMe Ain’t Buggin’ Me Spray.  It’s not in the recipe I have now because of people’s propensity to either love or hate Patchouli, but I LOVE IT and it works to repel those little suckers.

    I’m also in love with just using it as my scent in my BMe Roll On.  It’s super grounding and with my personality type to be bouncing around all day with staff, teaching classes, writing and organizing, Patchouli is what I like to use to settle me down.


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