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If you’ve gotten to my site for this product, it’s likely you read some of my latest email or social media post.  If not, read the long description below!  I will not be placing any words that remotely claim anything on this product, regardless of the research that is available, so I can keep the product from being under scrutiny by the FDA and needing to remove it.

I will say, however, that while the FDA has NOT tested BMe’s Rogue’s Oil, we do know that some purely distilled essential oils have anti-viral constituents by nature that can be detoxifying.  There are well documented, peer reviewed, scientific studies that can be found with a quick google search on the efficacy of certain essential oils impact on influenza strains, bacterial infections and other biological threats to our bodies.  Again, we are NOT making any claims on our website.   
Our easy to spray, on-the-go, Rogue’s Spray, contains the Essential Oils of: Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Lemon. 
Safe for YOU:
–        It’s not magic, it’s natural.
–        Essential oils — concentrated, aromatic, volatile chemical liquids distilled from plants — are highly potent, and full of possibilities and have shown very large improvements to one’s health.
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Essential Oils for the recent virus?

Essential oils are seemingly everywhere — fitness studios, nail salons, juice bars, home stores, big-box pharmacies, our company and even recipe blogs — promising benefits such as sounder sleep, deeper focus and improved well-being. Is any of it legit?

And are they really anti-bacterials, anti-virals, anti-septics and the like?

Even though aromatherapy is an ancient practice, the current craze arrived in a cloud of confusion and controversy.

  • There are the multilevel marketing (MLM) giants that hire untrained “wellness advocates” to pitch you products.
  • There are megabrands (uhhum, WalMart), that use synthetic imitations of oils without disclosing the difference.
  • There’s the Food and Drug Administration, which has been slow to regulate the products (except for its crackdowns on a few MLM’s that were making unsubstantiated claims about using oils to combat diseases and in my opinion, unsubstantiated claims because they are slow to address the research that “is” being presented).
  • And there are well-meaning aromatherapists who perhaps rely too heavily on small-batch clinical studies and evolving research.

It all adds up to one big head scratch for consumers, who seem to cast essential oils into two categories:

At best, they’re a harmless hippie indulgence along the lines of crystals and candles.         

At worst, they’re a dangerous marketing scam. 

Experts and myself say neither is quite right. Essential oils — concentrated, aromatic, volatile chemical liquids distilled from plants — are highly potent, sometimes risky and yet full of possibilities with some showing very large improvements to one’s health.

“The research is quite promising,” said Harpreet Gujral, director of integrative medicine at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. She cited ongoing clinical studies that strive to measure the degree to which oils can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and nausea, as well as how they affect mood. “The results are mixed, but the research is there,” she said. “We just need more.”

Of the 100 most common essential oils, about 10 have been researched “in great depth” over the past three decades, said Robert Tisserand, who wrote the widely cited 1995 textbook “Essential Oil Safety,” which received a substantial update in 2013. Those efforts have yielded some concrete evidence (the cooling sensation of peppermint oil, the bacteria-killing power of tea tree oil or the calming effect of lavender and healing for burns, for example) but the results aren’t guaranteed for everyone….but neither are mainstream drugs.

Some researchers believe essential oils could also be key in solving the looming antibiotic-drug-resistance crisis. “Research strongly suggests that bacteria don’t develop resistance to essential oils the way they do to antibiotics,” Tisserand said.

I ask you to pause here and ask yourself the question, “Are you going to wait for 100% guaranteed results in a product which has never been seen via natural or conventional medicine, or are you going to follow the path for the most effective outcome while also being safe long term?”

I’m leaving out all my personal opinions on what I think about the looming Coronavirus, the mainstream media verses the facts, because in all reality, none of us know for sure.  What we do know is the virus is affecting mostly those with a highly compromised immune system and of the age limit considered the elderly, mostly above 70.  

What we also do know is raising our immune system with healthy foods possibly could be an option that is not only helpful, but obvious.

We also know that certain essential oils have significant research that has proven anti-viral properties, along with other anti-septic qualities.  No, no research has been done with essential oils on the Coronavirus and neither has ANY OTHER DRUG.  And don’t expect it to be done either, as we are still trying to get basic research approved on essential oils as stated above.

I think it’s a shame and quite entertaining on how quickly the FDA has attacked once again countless companies for offering essential oils that “may help” in keep viruses at bay during this latest hysteria and also claiming that they may do harm to individuals.

My personal worry is what the aftermath of “cloroxing” our world at large wiping out trillions and trillions of bacteria that are “NECESSARY” to human health.

What am I doing to protect against the virus other than buying toilet paper because you don’t want to be with TP right?

1. Continuing an amazing food intake of REAL, LIVING food.

2. Taking anti-viral herbs like Olive Leaf, Neem and Oregano Oil.

3.  Spraying Blue Moon Elise’s Rogue’s Spray full of essential oils that are known anti-rivals and anti-bacterials on my hands, house and work spaces.

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