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Fall into your next best self this September!

Was summer full-on, a vacation, or living life to its fullest?

A little too much (wink) eating, staying up late, sleeping in and/or drinking?

Wanting to get back into your routine? but this time in an upgraded routine that’s a bit more self loving and yet doesn’t take too much time or honestly, isn’t it way too hard?

Get centered and hit the restart button from a place of love using a focused step-by-step plan to get you back to work, kids/grandkids to school and ready for the upcoming season and holidays.

The Deets


What: BMe Annual Fall Retreat
When: September 21-23, 2018
Where: Snowbird Mountain Lodge in Robbinsville, NC



 We will first feel into the mysterious auspiciousness that lives within us and from this place choose our highest vision of self. We will take the first step in coming home to ourselves by agreeing to actively step into our tender centers, to pause long enough to connect with the life that lives within us. We’ll do this by committing to the process of entering our inner worlds by making a declaration and oath to arrive at home to ourselves and wake our brilliant minds and compassionate hearts.


Next, we will learn how to come into a more harmonious and conscious relationship with our minds. We’ll train and harness it’s powers to work for us, rather than against. By doing this, we uncover and connect with our ability to create and instigate healthier relationships with ourselves first and recognize how it affects others.

We will make a conscious pact with our mind and set it on a loving quest to bring us more of the reality and joy we long for.


After making a healthy alliance with our minds, we dive into our most magnificent hearts. We’ll work to become intimate with places we often neglect and ignore, bringing sensitivity and vitality to what we may feel disconnected from and numb to at times. This is how you are molding and shaping each aspect of your being with mastery.

You are creating carefully and consciously, a stronger more purposeful connection with the fabric of you that literally translates into the direct experience you have in your life- relationships and experiences.

Let me tell you why YOU should come join…

Come experience 3 days at North Carolina’s finest and Historic Resort, the Snowbird Lodge with your industry-leading teacher of Health and Wellness, Rachel Elise.

• Experience guided meditation with take home techniques to make this an easy and lasting practice.


• Do gentle to intermediate yoga daily, with added teachings and tips specifically on injuries, from nerve damage, lower back pain, chronic knee issues and more.


• BodyCare night! Indulge in the use of the “right” essential oils designed just for YOU on your entire body from your feet to your face.


• Learn tips on balancing your hormones to lose weight, routine building, creating your next best self and truly tapping into your hearts desires.


• Mountain-top hikes with incredible non-stop breathtaking views, healthy farm to table food, campfires and even great wine:), along with organic chocolate.

Book Now!

We have10 rooms left and all accommodations are based on double occupancy, so when you purchase, please let us know in the comments section who you would like to room with, or if you need a roommate.  We have 1 single room left.

Check in is between 12-2:30 p.m. on Friday and retreat ends at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Feel free to arrive around noon on Friday and leave after 3 on Sunday so you can enjoy the properties amenities.

Pricing based on double occupancy:
Main Room: $569 —> w/double beds & 3 w/king beds! Book NOW!
Large Room: $589 —> Book NOW!

Double Room: $589 —> Book NOW!
Chestnut Lodge w/hot tub: $669 —> Book NOW
(All pricing above is per person based on double occupancy.)

Single Room Occupancy: $749 —> Book Now!

Save your spot with a deposit!

Our 2018 Fall BMe Mountain Retreat is booking early. All prices for Snowbird are on the rise and by booking early we can maintain our current costs. The most popular rooms are being asked to be booked now within our community so we can guarantee them as well for you, so we are offering a $100 deposit to secure your room. Additional payments will be asked to be paid before the date of July 1st, 2018. The $100 deposit is non-refundable to secure your spot.

Make your deposit here.