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Are you obsessed with Blue Moon Elise Bodycare? Want to become a wholesaler and help spread the word of all-natural skin care? Join us in our mission to get 100% pure & natural body care into more homes and on more bodies!

We would love to connect with you and create a relationship based on our kindred values. Due to the high demand of applicants, our process for approving wholesalers has changed. Please read on for a complete rundown of the application process.

For Domestic Accounts Only

[icon name=”icon-star-1″] Standards and Qualifications:

[icon_list icon_style=”default” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Believe and represent the greater good of 100% pure & natural body care.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Value the strengths of green living for the mind, body, and soul.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]We do not sell to big box stores.[/icon_list_line]

[icon name=”icon-star-1″] Beginning your journey with Blue Moon Elise:

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[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Full application required.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Applicants are reviewed on a monthly basis.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]All staff directly involved in representing our line receive trainings that will leave them informed about our products and comfortable making recommendations.[/icon_list_line]

[icon name=”icon-star-1″] Blue Moon Elise Wholesalers:

[icon_list icon_style=”default” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Wholesalers receive 50% off of retail prices.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]A minimum purchase of $250 is required per opening order; $100 minimum order thereafter.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Shipping is through USPS – Priority Mail Service guaranteeing 2-3 day shipping time.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Exclusive specials offered monthly.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-angle-double-right”]Direct contact with our trained staff to ensure your questions and needs are answered in a timely manner.[/icon_list_line]

Your business will be listed on ourĀ website and Facebook page. We will provide you with high resolution images and marketing tools you may find helpful.

If all this sounds good, please complete the application below. We look forward to creating a long lasting relationship with you!

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