Yoga_Mission BMe’s Mission

To provide a safe place for the exploration of your physical body, what feels good and what may be asking for extra attention, your thinking mind, what lies in your mind when ou are not completely in the now, and your feeling heart, how much forgiveness and compassion can we possibly have for ourselves and then others.  May your yoga practice lead you consciously to create both your inner state and your outer experience.

Here’s What People Are Saying About BMe Yoga:

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Yoga Testimonials:

“I stumbled onto BMe’s Yoga studio by way of a promotional pass I received when my children purchased a cozy warming wrap for me as a Christmas gift. Upon my arrival I was immediately greeted by Rachel. After introductions, she spoke to me about my yoga practice, and inquired about any physical needs or ailments I had. The intimate classes begin with the teachings and benefits of yoga – the focus or intention for each session prepares me to be present, open my heart, and listen to my body. Throughout the session Rachel is actively engaged with students providing adjustments as needed. When I leave her class I am focused, and prepared for the challenges of the day. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous friendship. Blue Moon Elise is truly a gold nugget in the mountains of Murphy North Carolina.”
Yogi Paula A. Watt
“BMe Yoga has really helped me through a difficult time. All that I have learned in your classes has really paid off. Thank you so much for helping me. I was feeling pretty scared and desperate for a while there, but yoga helped me get through it. Murphy is lucky to have you!”
Yogi George Mainville
“I have been going to yoga for over 3 years now and have always felt I was getting lots of health benefits. Now I am sure. In August, I was painting the exterior of my house. I had climbed a ladder leaning against the deck railing. I heard the metallic sound of it slipping out from under me, and before I could react, the ladder threw me off upside down onto my gravel drive. I landed on my right side and hit the top side of my head. As I rolled, I slammed my left arm onto the gravel. Next thing I knew, I was sitting with my knees up with blood running down my face. As my partner ran around to me, I tried to assure him I was okay. Of course, I wasn’t. He loaded me into the car and we headed for the emergency room. I got 3 staples in my head wound, a brace on my broken left hand and a bottle of pain killers. My yoga practice comes in here: It could have been a lot worse. My core muscle strength and flexibility helped me absorb the trauma of the fall and proved to be my saving grace as I began to heal. In just 3 days, I could move around and lift myself out of bed without help. By the end of the first week, I felt really good. Although my hand took some time, that was even a pretty quick recovery because my hands were strong from plank and down dog poses. All in all, I am convinced yoga saved me. I started back last week and I feel great! I’m proud of my resilience and I thank Rachel and her teaching for my continued good health. Namaste!”
Yogi Nancy Thomas
“Rachel is an amazing teacher. She helps you achieve your full potential with detailed instructions. I am always excited to take one of her classes and see what I am capable of under her expert guidance. Thank you Rachel you Rock!”
Yogi Lisa Lanham
"I was in a bad accident and have scoliosis, sciatica, sports injuries from 18 years of competitive swimming, etc. After practicing with instructors like you, who focus on the physiology of yoga and the health benefits of working with joints and bones, I am a changed body and woman. You speak truth. You are an inspiration for well being and health.”
Yogi Hollie Butler Lytle
“Your contagious smile and authentic spirit makes my heart so happy! I dream of the day that I can join you on retreat.. or even in your cozy studio in the mountains for more amazing yoga instruction. Your focus on holistic health and your approach to your personal yoga practice make you a walking testimony that you live what you believe. I have never felt so comfortable in yoga as when you are leading me and appreciate the knowledge you have shared with me to help better my health and practice. Not to mention I am completely addicted to your body care products rock on my sister.”
Yogi Tara Port Watson Holleman
“Every time I’ve had the pleasure of being led by you in yoga I walked away more expansive, energized and excited about life. I feel the same about your BMe products.”
Yogi Deborah Rachel Kagan