Oh geez, I know I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. Sorry!

I’ve been retreating, tanning and eating merrily  on a deserted island with loads of adventure and deep rest.

Actually not really, but almost just as exciting.  I’ve been working countless hours on my best selling new book (that’s sitting on the desk at Hay House Publishing Company as I type this!), creating a top notch international webinar for my Healthy Habits Program that’s to be launched in the new year and learning the teter totter balance of being a mom to my favorite person in the world, my son Eli.

And yes, life has been seriously NON-STOP!

But it’s been SOOO much fun (well, most of it anyway!).

It all started with a boom last year when I felt like I was hitting rock bottom… again.  The energy expended over the previous few years managing a graceful divorce, giving birth to my aforementioned “favorite person in the world”, while witnessing my company literally jumping to our next height…I was…exhausted…and burnout.

any of you know,  I spent this past year dealing with some deep health issues, alongside my son .. so I retreated from teaching yoga for a bit.  It was the first time, in 18 years, that I EVER retreated from my work.  I was… a BASKETCASE.. I had no idea how to do such a thing, retreat that is!

And where does one go to retreat?  Well, it all started in the Bahamas with Dr. Joe Dispenzia,  one of my leading mentors in neurology, meditation and creating the life I love.

I was honored to spend 4 days with him, and what did I learn?  He shoved his face in mine after hours of talking and said, “You, my dear, have a mission within you that’s changing people’s lives already….NOW, get over your ego and get on with it”.

And …my life was once again changed.

Ok yea yea, I can hear you saying, “Seriously, did your whole life change in that moment?”

Well, no. The next 9 months is really where all the massive change occurred. It’s been intertwined with reconciling deep hurt within me, giving forgiveness whether I feel it was earned  (because it really doesn’t matter), travels across the U.S., my new hobby of trapeze flying, hiring a new business coach, writing a new book, making lots of online videos, and finally getting on with creating my first webinar ever.

The thing is, my adventures over the last 9 months has inspired me to cook up a wildly exciting feast for you.. yes YOU.

But more on that later.

Back to the Bahamas….Once I got clear that some old gulit and hurt was holding me back from moving forward in recognizing that I’m only human… and actually  do have it within me to help so  many others out there in their healthy bodies, calm minds and alive spirit..well,it’s been GAME ON.  And it happened immediately.

The same day I met a guy on a 8 person boat that would be an intricate player for what was yet to come.  He then, in turn, introduced me to a well known marketing guru that would be just as important helping me learn more skills in the world of marketing, ie. how to get a hold of YOU reading this!  

And the intricate and divine list continues… Dr. Joe,6 months later, offered to give my manuscript at a personal dinner with the CEO of Hay House.  I mean….HOLY COW!  Pinch me please.

The point being- we make up our minds, heal our hearts and the rest follows… and flows.

So, back to you.  In the 9 months since, I’ve been consolidating, culling and plumbing the depths of what I call a Healthy Living LifeStyle. I spent countless hours refining it into a program  ,that works for the ever increasingly, busy lives that we all seem to share and can help you feel 15 years younger again.  you can finally get feel like you’re 15 years younger again.

I’ve been thinking how utterly incredible it would be to….

– eat, drink and make merry with my clients (you) LIVE in a paradise location

– personally walk  you through the step-by-step of crafting their Healthy Living LifeSyle that makes  you feel on top of the world

– in real time, refine  your body’s aches and pains into a healed, mobile body that allows  you to do what you want to do

– take  you into the world of peace in  your mind to finally think clearly in  your  life

-discover how tiny daily disciplines can yield massive life-long freedoms with other “all-in game-changers” who won’t settle for less than feelling at their best from here on out!

– get to be honest to yourself about what’s really holding you back and get seen by others who totally get it

– go out on a limb, hold nothing back, go deep, no BS and no limits…all while being relaxed and supported in paradise!

Intrigued? I was hoping so…

…I have yet another Healthy Living LifeStyle Retreat up my sleeve, like NO other.

This retreat is the  PERFECT environment to experience wholesome living in an oasis setting –  while slipping an easy-to-follow action plan into your back pocket.  On returning home you will be equipped to continue your healthy living choices through the combination of the best techniques in life with seriously practical strategies for KICKASS impact in your energy, rest, weight, strength, and finally peace of mind.  All in one of the coolest location on the planet (actually, it’s pretty warm there!).

This event will be limited to a small, purposeful group of audacious life lovers who are serious about achieving A- Level health- mind, body and spirit.

It will fill fast… so watch for my next email because I’ll be announcing details oh so soon.

In the meantime, to get us sashaying into the mood, go to my live FaceBook page and post what health benefit you would like the most of (ex- crazy energy? Smaller hips? Mental peace? Balanced hormones!? Deep rest?  If you have a goal in mind, you’re my kinda of person, so post me!).