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Hi! I’m Rachel.

For 25 years now, I've made 100% clean and natural body care products and can help you make Healthy Choices....... so that you feel more energetic, lose weight, balance your hormones, clear up your skin and have a strong, flexible body even if you don’t have a lot of time or energy. (As a single mom and business owner, I get it!)

I went from having hypoglycemia at 12 years old, massive arthritis by 14, depression set in at 15, over a dozen ovarian cysts by 17, beginnings of colon cancer by 19...and some pretty chronic cystic acne.

And now,... I don’t.

Want my Top 3 Most Effective LifeStyle Tips that can turn your life around for a LIFETIME?

eBook - Happy Healthy Living: 3 Simple Little Steps for Dramatic Results!

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For the Over-Worked Mom

Do you know an overworked mom in your life? Or perhaps you are one? You know the kind of lady that is keeping it all together - the bikes left on the porch, picks up a piece of bread on the floor, fixes the broken cabinet door, drives the kids to classes, and cleans the crayon off the wall – work, work, work which equals overworked and overwhelmed.

Give the best for caring Moms now!

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Healthy Habits Course
Healthy Habits Course

Healthy Habits Course


Calling YOU into your best healthy living lifestyle

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In Person Classes
In Person Classes

In Person Classes


SoapMaking 101, SoapMaking Techniques, BodyCare Making, Essential Oils 101, Yoga & Massage

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What Our Clients Say!

Over 500,000 Purchases

"Always a treat to walk into this store. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable about her craft."

"My experience at BMe has been one of the best yoga experiences I have had.
Thanks to Rachel Adams Sylvester she has helped me find peace, heal injuries (still continues to help with that) and show me that yoga is more than just a movement, it's a PRACTICE and a lifestyle that will keep you humble and engaged every time.

I highly recommend taking a step forward towards bettering yourself and try some yoga, I promise you will not regret it.

Thanks Rachel for all you have done and all you continue to do!!!"

"I love being a part of the Healthy Habits Club at Blue Moon Elise!! Simple but truly effective ways to become healthier and kick start your wellness journey! It taught me so much! You won’t be disappointed with ANY of her products either!"

"Anyone who has not visited Blue Moon Elise, either in person in Murphy NC or on line, you don't know what you're missing. Great yoga classes with a lot of hands on supervision and explanation of why you're doing certain poses, to fantastic products that are all affordable. Come join the Blue Moon community!"

"A thoroughly enjoyable time making soap with aromatic essential oils with Rachel and Sandy. We listened to historical and scientific fun facts on soap and its origin as well as solid practical instruction on its making. It was a fascinating experience!!"

"I recently purchased five different bar soaps, lavender bath salts and lavender room spray. It is all fantastic! The soap has a subtle long lasting fragrance and lathers great! It leaves our skin feeling moisturized, not dry like most bar soaps. I am referring all of my friends to try these products for themselves!"