Ever wonder why some women seem so (annoyingly!) healthy & energetic when you feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start?
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Healthy Body

Yoga *

Curious how yoga can heal and reverse chronic pain and injuries? Is it time to majorly boost your energy? Dying for a out-of-this-world good massage whether for luxury or for pain relief? Whether it’s an in-person yoga class or online video, yummy health tip or fantastic massage, you are in good hands. Ring us at 828-837-2727 now to book with one of our top notch massage therapists or CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE NOW!

Healthy Skin

BodyCare Products * Soapmaking * Essential Oils

Ready for you skin to clear up? Tired of worrying about what’s in your bodycare products? We’ve got you covered with the most with 100% Natural BodyCare products for sale on the market, soapmaking and bodycare classes at our store in Murphy, NC, and everything you need to know about essential oils!

Healthy Habits

Holistic Health & Wellbeing Program

Ready to feel better than you did even a decade ago? Is it time to lose that weight that can’t seem to come off? Are you SO behind on sleep that you need a reboot BAD? Our Healthy Habits Program simplifies how to make little changes that produce massive results – and fit into your busy lifestyle.

Hi! I’m Rachel.

I can help you make Healthy Choices so that you feel more energetic, lose weight, balance your hormones, clear up your skin and have a strong, flexible body even if you don’t have a lot of time or energy. (As a single mom and business owner, I get it!)


Is Alcohol Bad For Skin?

Isopropyl alcohol. SD alcohol. Cetyl alcohol. Cetearyl alcohol. And plain old alcohol. They show up again and again on skin care products, from moisturizers to body washes to cleansers and toners. You have this feeling they’re probably not good for your skin. You may...

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A Note About My Recent Sabbatical From BMe…

Many of you have noticed I have been absent and have reached out. I have devoted my life to transforming the lives of others and now I am in the midst of some life transitions of my own   ......it's a process, but it's all good because that's how we grow as...

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