BMe Body Care

You've been lied to by the bodycare industry saying your personal care products are safe! It's a chemical cocktail that has never been tested and you are experimenting with it everyday.

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BMe Nutrition

You've been lied to that consuming lots of meat, dairy, sugar and wheat aren't killing you...and pooping 3 times a week is normal.

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BMe Yoga

You've been lied to that the way to prevent and heal injuries is through passive, kumbaya, Simon says yoga...

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BMe Massage

You've been lied to if you believe massage therapy is a luxury and it's only for the wealthy.

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About Rachel

about-rachelAt 16 I began the journey of debunking the lies doctors, schooling, family and friends were telling me. The truths came apparent through my illnesses and a several year journey. I was 16 years old and pooped once every 1- 2 weeks. I thought this was normal as a teenager. You?

Did I get your attention? What does this have to do about Healthy Living? Everything. Elimination is extremely overlooked, under talked about and a bit awkward to discuss to say the least on a date or at the dinner table with the fam. I mean, when does it ever get some air time? “At the doctors office”, I hear you saying. Learn More

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