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BMe Free Body Care


1 per household, thank you!

Just for Free...

Just for Free...

I want to send you Free BodyCare! Why? Because I really think you will love it, want more and will share the word! So….I want to send you some. The 8 buckaroos, of course, is to pay the post lady that comes here to pick up and send these boxes. She absolutely said she wouldn’t send without me paying, but the BMe BodyCare is totally FREE!

I’m sending my 2 favorite products.

1. Lavender Soap – It’s my fav because you bath every single day potentially harming yourself with toxic chemicals just to get clean. CRAZY! No need to be toxic to get clean…..and smell heavenly.

2. Energizer Body Mist – LOVE this. Spray in your face (with your eyes closed of course) and breath in. It will give you GREAT ENERGY and clear your sinuses if needed! I keep this anywhere my computer is during work times and one in my car for long drives.

Free Body Care includes:

BMe Lavender Soap: FREE.

BMe Energizer Body Mist: FREE.

Shipping: $10.00 Flat Rate
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