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Healthy Habits Program

Watch and Learn The Fundamentals Of Healthy LifeStyle.
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FINALLY Create a Healthy Lifestyle that Lasts a Lifetime

Want the secret of what and when to eat to lose those pounds you can’t seem to keep off?

Want to finally get rid of all that bloating, indigestion, constipation… and even allergies? Do you have energy crashes throughout the day leaving you cranky, moody & reaching for lattes, Red Bulls and energy bars!? Do you feel like aging has “snuck up on you” or your body doesn’t “move like it used to?”

Have you Googled until your fingers fell off… Paleo or vegan? Cardio or yoga? Meditation… or screw it… and you resulted to, “What’s for dinner?”

Then you are in the right place.

All of this is maddening and confusing since we live in a time where we have gobs of scientific research on diets, exercise, sleep, relationships, and work.

AND yet we’re sick, tired and unhappy.

It’s true. It’s a shame.

I’ve lived it.

AND You don’t have to live this way.

Rachel's Story

A Unique Journey...

A Unique Journey...

I grew up in a home where we ate crap food (sound familiar?). Sugary cereals, soda drinks, fast food, canned foods, and packaged foods were our daily staples.

I ran the gamut of illnesses too:

12 years old: hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
14 years old: arthritis (Yep, 14 and felt 100)
15 years old: clinical depression (that wasn’t fun!)
17 years old: 17 ovarian cysts (17!!!)
19 years old: pooped once every 2 weeks and had the beginnings of colon cancer

As you can imagine, I was pretty sick and desperate for a solution. I went on an 18-year journey to understand health: human anatomy, bio-rhythms of nature, nutrition, aromatherapy, ayurveda, herbology and neurology.

I healed myself of every symptom and disease you see above.

You may not have what I did, but likely you are tired, want to lose a few pounds, would so take more energy, balance your hormones and moods and would love to feel in your body like you were 10 years younger. Yes?

I knew most doctors and Big Pharmaceutical companies didn’t have the answer since I was watching my friends, family and nation get sicker, fatter, and unhappier.

Was I brought up in this lifestyle?

Ummm. No.

Was it my medical doctor that helped me get rid of my arthritis?

Uhhh, he prescribed me a stronger version of Advil to manage my pain.

Did cutting into my body with the latest surgery or the latest herb formula on the Dr. Oz Show get rid of my cysts?

Actually, no.

Does depression really go away with Prozac?

Not for me.

And my cancer didn’t go away with radiation, chemo or surgery either…

From a place of curiosity, ignorance and deep longing, I began a 3 year exploration of alternative medicine and its practices, and with some help along the way, I managed to get rid of all my major and debilitating issues: hyperglycemia, arthritis, ovarian cysts, chronic constipation, and even beginning of colon cancer.

From this journey I had become educated on the body care industries use of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors and I was appalled. Hmmm, a piece of why I was so sick perhaps? This changed my life in many ways but none more than the birth of Blue Moon Elise and our now 18-year commitment to the manufacture of 100% natural body care products.

However, as time went on into my 30s, I still struggled with depression, low energy, anxiety, hormonal issues, and arthritis. And I realized this was “normal” for most people and the best people would say is, “hahah, you’re just getting older.

I discovered being disease-free, just surviving, wasn’t the definition of health I wanted to subscribe to anymore… thriving was what I was aiming for.

I knew most folks, like you I imagine, are overwhelmed at what to eat these days, why those pounds just won’t stay off, when to fit in exercise, if any, and what type… wondering if and how meditation really helped for anxiety and monkey brain and if you really needed to be vegetarian to be “healthy.”

I also knew that I needed, like you, a daily, doable plan that was easy to implement and that not only actually worked to make me thrive, but stuck long term!

So What Did Work!

Life Changing Actions...

Life Changing Actions...

10 SIMPLE, LIFE CHANGING actions, that when used together, create great health, not as a fad, but for life, for longevity.

Ancient cultures used them.

And you’ve probably heard of some of them.

Yet, when done alone, they almost always fail.

My pain and discomfort motivated me to try all the so called cures and become a well read, and more importantly, experienced alternative wellness participant. I went for all the certifications and trainings: herbology, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, several yoga certifications….

I followed all the expert advice, and… IT WORKED!

But what I realized for me AND YOU is that…

I had the knowledge to be healthier and happier, but no one had shown me how to implement this knowledge into the life of a busy business owner and working mom where it actually would work and stick!

And here’s the problems you likely have:

Your first problem likely is that you weren’t taught healthy habits that actually work to start with. Most likely you have a running tab of a few fad diets, some unused gym memberships and an app for meditation that you don’t use.

Your second problem is you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked, but you don’t know why it didn’t! If you did, it wouldn’t be a problem still.

And your third problem is is that you think to be healthy takes too much time, too much brain bandwidth and too much money

And there’s a simple way to fix all this…

Your Solution…

Made affordable...

Made affordable...

Healthy Habits is about the lifestyle, a way of life, that when applied leaves your body with nothing better to do then to start to feel AND inevitably look better.

“Health” isn’t just the absence of disease, it’s when you have more than enough energy to do everything you want… and then some!

Healthy Habits is loads more than your average “health coach” offering, a weight loss or motivational program.

It’s a way of life, a philosophy, a lifestyle.

It’s 10 detailed and dove-tailed habits that intricately link together to address what REAL health is.

These habits fit like a tongue and groove to the next habit. A snowballs effect occurs, because the moment you concentrate on just one, you’ve lost site of THE LIFESTYLE.

Healthy Habits addresses your mental thinking body, your emotional feeling body and your physical moving body.

What does the Healthy Habits Program do for me?

  • Say goodbye to the latest fad diet to get the weight you want.
  • Amp up your energy without needing coffee, pills, or the latest energy drink craze.
  • Slow down your seemingly fast aging process. Look and feel years younger.
  • Sleep through the night again.
  • Improve your immunity, big time.
  • No more digestive issues: constipation, bloating, indigestion.
  • Feel more supple and radiant in your own skin.
How is the Healthy Habits Program delivered to me?

You will sit down once a week for an hour or less and watch Rachel on your private password-protected website.

Use your fun worksheets Rachel has created for you to implement.

Jump on the Live call 4 days later to address concerns or trouble shoot with Rachel, or simply celebrate in your successes on the line 🙂

You have lifetime access!

You are welcomed into our private Facebook Community to talk with people every step of the way.

Healthy Habits is an implementation program, not just a training program.

What’s my investment to change my life?


  • Healthy Habits Workbook that guides you to create your own Healthy Habits Plan with the coaching of Rachel ($300 value)
  • PLUS all of Rachel’s yummy real food Recipes ($50 value) PLUS the Healthy Habits Online Program ($1000 value)
  • PLUS 10 LIVE Mastermind Class & Coaching! ($1000 value)
  • PLUS forever membership in our private Facebook Mastermind Community (Priceless! This is a lifestyle….for a lifetime and it continues to grow in our community)
  • AND Rachel weekly ($1000 value)

I want to make health care affordable. The average person pays 10K a year in health insurance mostly to manage symptoms on their way to illnesses. My program helps you avoid this massive pitfall.

That’s a total value of $3350.00 if you purchased these individually.

However, this program is only offered twice a year and is offered for ONLY $497 down, then just $400 installments per month for the following 2 months.

Or Save $300 and pay in full for $999

10 Essential Components


Definitely Watch This Video to hear what other people think!

What Clients Say

“I came to the Healthy Habits Program feeling stagnant, tired, full of stress and had loads of allergies, an under-active bowel and I barely slept at night. Even though I was highly skeptical, I just also knew there was something better and this simply wasn’t the aging process that I wanted to subscribe to as I got older. Within the first week I knew I was in the right place because Rachel spelled out why we were doing what which satisfied my skepticism but what really did it was when I was able to get off ALL my allergy medication while STILL in the program. I also sleep through the night which I hadn’t before in years, my body is more flexible and energetic like never before and I am way less on edge at work. Now, I don’t go a day without my daily habits. I do them without thinking because it’s so easy and not worth missing!"

Colleen, 53Director of Finance

“I knew I needed some sort of kick in the pants. My wife had passed a year before I joined the Healthy Habits Crew Program.  While she had done all the cooking, I had no idea where to start. Not only that, but I had worked in corporate management with UPS for the prior 30 years and was beyond burnt out and noticed once I retired what havoc my body was under. I knew I was going downhill. I got two major things from HHC – learning how much “when” to eat was helping me relieve my newfound waistline and also I became a person who craves meditation! Who knew I’d ever be able to SLOW DOWN! Rachel knew how to give me a kick in the pants without being condescending or judgmental and honestly, was quite delightful.”

John, 55retired UPS Corporate Manager