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The Best Gift Concierge Is Here, Grab it Now
Are you a business or health coach, real estate agent, yoga teacher, or anyone with clients? Do you want higher client retention rates? Of course you do, we all do!

Did you ever work with a coach before you became a coach? Did you stay with that coach? If so, what kept you going back? Well, my coach told me something that stuck with me. She said,“They won’t always remember what you taught them, but they’ll always remember how you treated them.” Really! You know this is true! Think about it….As a business owner, what’s your plan? Have you had clients that started off with a bang, only to peter out? It’s terribly disappointing, wouldn’t you agree? In addition, we all know it’s easier to keep current clients, than to get new ones.

So what am I getting at? It’s a statistical proven fact that gifting clients is a primary way to keep clients. A small token of your appreciation can make them feel like a million bucks! Maybe you already know this and are currently already gifting your clients. But are you tired of the pens, pads, coffee mugs and other common gifts that just end up in the trash?

Here’s where I can help!

Gift your clients BMe 100% All Natural Synthetic Free Body Care products that are not only good for them, but will make them feel posh and luxurious while being earth friendly! And your clients will appreciate YOU for appreciating THEM and are highly likely to keep working with you longer. It’s a win-win for both of you!

I make it SO EASY for you!

easy as 1-2-3...

Here’s the plan:

Step 1. Pick a level to work with BMe (levels below)
Step 2. Send BMe your clients names/ addresses,Your own personalized note(s), Date you want your gifts to arrive
Step 3. We send your clients gifts
Step 4. Watch the appreciation roll in ….. …along with great retention in working with you.

Gift Concierge Levels

$250 – Receive $30 in FREE product
$500 – Receive $90 in FREE product
$1000 – Receive $300 in FREE product
Invest upfront, we ship products as needed for you with 6 month expiration.

Here’s just a sampling of the people that have worked with us or used our products:

I LOVE Blue Moon Elise products. They are the perfect birthday or thank-you gift for my clients, and one thing I particularly like is that they aren’t just for women. They’re always well-received and enjoyed. Thank you, Rachel, for helping me take extra-special care of my clients.

Pamela Bruner

We are in the practice of sending gratuity gifts to all of our clients and we were searching for the perfect pamper gift for my Masterminders. We ordered some fantastic products to encourage relaxation and stress reduction. Our clients loved the products and Blue Moon Elise. Thank you for helping us take great care of our clients.

Monica Shah

I just love the way Rachel and her team spoil my customers. Her products are so yummy to use, everyone I send them to call me with such gratitude. Plus, Rachel makes it so easy to send her products right to my customers’ door. She handles everything which is exactly what I need with my hectic schedule. Thank you Rachel for taking care of my customers like they were your own.

Bonnie Preston

Blue Moon Elise has been fabulous to work with! What a unique way to say thank you, congratulations, job well done…you name it… to our clients and peers in the travel industry! All I have to do is contact Rachel and her team with the name and occasion and they take care of the rest…saves me loads of time and I love that we are spoiling others with a natural, healthy product. I highly recommend the Blue Moon Elise team to meet the gift giving needs for your business.

Sandy Salle

As an Sensual Lifestyle Specialist, I believe in gifting my clients when they take action to invest their time, energy and resources with me. Why? Because every woman loves a present, but more importantly because it shows that I’m invested in THEIR success and they’re not simply a number. The important thing here is WHAT to send and WHO to send it. I continuously choose Blue Moon Elise as my gift concierge because their product is not only good for people and the planet, it’s a perfect fit with my brand. AND they care about their clients with thoughtful presentation, personalized gift notes in each package and always accommodating shipment times to coordinate with our needs. Thank you to the whole BMe team for bringing even more value to my clients.

Deborah Kagan

Rachel made it so easy for me to make a lasting and meaningful impression. I wanted to send thank you gifts to participants in my telesummit that were beautiful and thoughtful without having to do all the work myself.The recipients were impressed and appreciative of the gifts and I loved how easy it was to select the right products and packages for each person and then have Blue Moon Elise take care of preparing all the 24 packages with handwritten notes and all. I will definitely turn to Rachel again to gift clients and business partners alike. I highly recommend using her Concierge Service to any coach and business owner. What beats giving the gift of health and wellness to a busy woman?

Priscilla Stephan