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Most every day someone asks me, “How do you stay SO healthy?”

Well let me tell you – it’s certainly not from a healthy start in life! Growing up in New Orleans, I ate pop tarts, strudels and Captain Crunch for breakfast. Fast food? Twice daily! Dr. Pepper? My liquid of choice. Water was… well, the stuff I bathed in. Like most mothers, my mom did her best – and supplied me with Dove soap, Vaseline, and the best of Clinique to Mary Kay. The house was doused with bleach and Lysol. My private all-girl Catholic school was a noxious combo of massive pressure with high expectations. I barely slept and chronically burned the candle on both ends. I never felt good enough – neither the smartest girl, or the prettiest. I felt alone and yearned to fit in.

* hyperglycemia at 12 (low blood sugar)

* massive arthritis by 14 (that was painful!)

* depression set in at 15 (fun, right?)

* a dozen ovarian cysts by 17 (at 17!!)

* colon cancer by 19 (I know, crazy).

By then, I was lucky to have one bowel movement every 2 weeks. (Hope that’s not too much information!) Yeah… I was a mess. Sick. And depressed. I was hard on myself, had no one to turn to and didn’t know any other way of life.

A massive car wreck that almost took my life shook me onto a path that utterly transformed my life.

A massive car wreck that almost took my life shook me onto a path that utterly transformed my life.

As I lay in the hospital feeling broken, dazed and hurting, I knew I needed help.

In a vision, my wise old neighbor and alternative healing guru, Jimbo, appeared before me as I replayed scenes of sitting on his porch, eating weird looking healthy food, talking about medicinal herbs, how many stars were in the sky, and about all things spiritual for hours…

Desperate, pissed that I hadn’t died and escaped from my pain-filled body and with no other options, I bought a one-way plane ticket with his blessing and headed to the mountains of North Carolina where he took me in and supported my quest to find and heal myself.

With Jimbo’s help, I ditched sodas and fast foods overnight. I started to eat more beans and salads and actually drank water! Immediately, I felt massively better, but knew I had more to go. Yet now, I was a bit more excited about it.

After switching to natural body care products, my crazy dry and itchy red skin changed that very week.

I was appalled to discover that I had been slathering the carcinogens found in most commercial body care products all over my body… while I was fighting cancer.
My health rebounded…

My health rebounded…

I started eating healthier, using natural products in my home and on my body, improving my posture and making the connection between my thoughts, actions and conversations.

Amazed at how I felt with these relatively simple changes, I dove into herbal school to learn which herbal tinctures could heal me and what plants I could use for hygiene AND beauty. And I ate up the info that came alongside my multiple yoga certifications as my body grew disease-free and more strong.

What started out as a hobby for myself in 1999, turned into making products for my friends and neighbors in exchange for a few bucks (my serious hobby), then turned my full time BodyCare product business and yoga studio, Blue Moon Elise.

I wanted the WORLD to have access to more clean, safe and effective BodyCare.

My life was definitely looking up!
Then, BAMM!

Then, BAMM!

Another car wreck.

I couldn’t raise my right arm or look to the right.

I contemplated closing my yoga studio. After all, how could I help people with yoga if I couldn’t help myself? I felt like a fraud.

Secretly, I began taking painkillers to get through my day. I was depressed… again…. This felt oh-too familiar.

As a last ditch effort after trying everything, I reluctantly went to an Anusara Yoga neck and shoulders workshop that I was convinced wouldn’t help me the week I was planning on closing my studio. With little faith, I tried out the techniques.

In 2 weeks, I was 80% PAIN-FREE!

Now I use my 4-year Anusara training to help thousands of folks cure their chronic pain – balancing strength with flexibility, which is the foundation of healthy living

My car wreck was a blessing in disguise. (I guess I took one for the team!)
As you can see, it’s possible to change your life little by little and have drastic results.

As you can see, it’s possible to change your life little by little and have drastic results.

I did it. So can you.

Now, I use 10 Healthy Habits to educate and guide people like you on your journey so you have a simple, easy & effective step-by-step plan to feel:

  • Rested and energized every day.
  • Strong, agile AND flexible.
  • Nourished by the food you eat.
  • Hydrated all over – skin, lips and body.
  • A calm, grounded mind – and nervous system.
Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, it can be crazy fun and easy.