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Plants - Salts - Wax

Ingredients that truthfully rejuvenates you
Oh where oh where do I start? I’ll keep it simple.

Oh where oh where do I start? I’ll keep it simple.

The body care industry is NOT regulated the way you think it is.

You have been lied to if you think your everyday shampoo, lip balm and soaps are not only effective but to say the least SAFE!

Nope. Not safe. Not regulated.

When I was a teenager and found out I was hugely sick with a bit of cancer, a handful of uterine cysts, a dose of major arthritis in my knees and a load of depression. My jaw dropped when I found out that almost all bodycare was filled with carcinogens. Houston, we got a problem.

Most of the BodyCare Industry is JUNK, loaded with what I like to call…..CRAP-OLA!

You Totally Should Know:

• The last time it was regulated was in the 1930s……we’ve made a few new products since then wouldn’t ya think?
• The U.S. only has banned 9 ingredients from the over 80,000 ingredient list.
• Europe has managed to ban a bit over 1200….And just 9 in the U.S.
• Only SOME companies have been penalized for not disclosing their whole ingredient decks…..and it’s not the large conglomerates. And let’s face it, most of us have no idea what we’re reading on those labels anyhow…..

BUT what if you did have an idea of what the ingredients were?

BMe uses Simple, Easy, Effective and Common Sense Ingredients.

You don’t have to be a wiz to read them and hopefully you know what most of them are. I mean who doesn’t know what a Lavender Flower is or hasn’t heard of Tea Tree by now?

(Ok, if this is you, then you totally need to stick around because you are soooo out of the loop!)

BMe Ingredients Simply Put:

Plants: Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Butters, a few stems, twigs and leaves
Salts: Epsom, Sea, Dead Sea Salts
Wax: A bit of beeswax from our lil friends, bees

There’s not too many ways to hurt you with some flowers like lavender or ylang ylang… In fact, I haven’t heard a single story of causing cancer with some bees’ wax on your lips and the last time I soaked in some salts I felt nothing but glory.

You see, choosing wisely doesn’t have to be a subject to study years on end, it’s just using some common sense. And I know you have it, I just do or you wouldn’t have read this far down.

Now what can get a bit specific, is what to use for what. Know what I mean?

Like Chamomile is great to put you to sleep and Peppermint wakes you up…..Wouldn’t want to use Chamomile before work and Peppermint before bed, right?

So leave the what’s it good for and how to us at BMe. As you read around my products, I will do something a lot of companies don’t (in the un-natural world)…..I’ll tell you!

And remember, start with the basics. This is my recommendation.

Disclaimer: All our ingredients are being sourced in our never ending way of getting to the bottom of their stories….Where do they come from? Are they sustainable? And are the people growing them treated like a human beings? I assure you we have great resources and are double checking as we grow and so do our suppliers. If you have a source that you know is SO good, I’d always like to know, so post me if you found some rocking, sustainable, high frequency, fair trade whatever ingredients! Email BMe.