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BodyCare Making - Soap Making - Essential Oil Making

Welcome to BMe’s Classes

Here you will find deets on all our fun. Don’t be a lurker….join a class!

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Healthy Habits Program

Are you ready to step into a healthier version of you?

Are you ready to rejuvenate your body?

The next Healthy Habits Summer group is booking up now. Want in? Ready for the next phase of you life? Let’s see if we can get you there. All groups are booked until August. Visit the Healthy Habits Page for more information.
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Massage Therapy

If You Are In Pain, You Shouldn't Be.

Feel your body needs and take action.

Getting a massage sure can be luxurious, but it’s also necessary. Excellent circulation within your muscles and other soft tissues is what makes you pliable and agile. And with aging, this is of utmost importance for health optimization. Don’t wait any longer to lean into your own health and well-being.

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BodyCare Making

Body Care and Cosmetics

We will go in depth about:

The BodyCare and Cosmetics Industry, Essential Oils and other plant/natural materials. Have hands on experience making 7 products of your very own that you will design just for your body and skin type.

Sit back, soak in these life changing tid bits and be inspired to make healthy, simple and yet effective products for yourself and your family.

Duration: 3 hours
Availability: 8 spots
Price: $89

Soap Making

Basic And Advance

Cold Processed Soap Making

Want to learn how to make soap from scratch? Well, you can! We will discuss details on cold process soapmaking, how it all began, all the equipment, tools and materials you’ll need is provided and leave with the knowledge and the tools to do it at home.

You’ll also get the opportunity to double or triple your batch! Class is limited to 8 students. This is our most popular class and often has a waitlist so don’t wait. A $40 deposit secures your spot in the class.

Duration: 3.5 hours
Space: 8 spots
Price: $79
Schedule: All Classes 12:30
October 21 - Sold Out
October 28th - Sold Out
November 4th - Sold Out
November 11th - 1 opening

A $40 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot in this class. Due to the low numbers of students in each class with the highest amount of attention for you, you are able to transfer your attendance to another 10 days prior only for this class. Thank you!

Things to know: Please bring a long sleeve shirt, closed toe shoes, a hair tie (if you have long hair) a notepad if you're a note taker but not needed and....a big smile:)
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Advanced Soap Making

Advanced Soap Making

Have you taken the SoapMaking 101 Class and The Basic Refresh? Now you are ready to play with color and technique! Warning: This is where it gets addictive! Learn fun ways to make your soap look creative and beautiful with dripping, layering, marbling and more. Make 2 batches of your very own soap! Class is 3 hours and limited to 4 students. A $20 deposit secures your spot in the class.

Duration: 3 hours
Space: 4 spots
These classes are based off of the basic soap making enthusiast. So give us an email if you are interested and we’ll do our best to get you booked in one of these classes!
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Essential Oils 101 w/ Wine & Cheese

Improving Your Quality Of LIfe
Essential Oils 101...

Essential Oils 101...

Spend an evening out dining over wine and cheese discussing one of my favorite topics- Essential Oils!Essential Oils 101: Improving Your Quality of Life… Naturally! So you’ve seen all the hype around Essential Oils in the last few years… And I’m so excited because we’ve been talking Essential Oils around here for over 20 years!

I can’t wait to share with you the basics of Essential Oils and how easy and effective these babies are for you and your family!

Duration: 2 hours
Space: 10 spots
Price: $69
Schedule: Call to get on Waitlist

Includes: Wine, Snacks, materials and Essential Oils to make your own products.
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World Of BodyCare

Get healthy, glowing and vibrant skin once and for all!
Learn the ins and outs of the body care...

Learn the ins and outs of the body care...

What really doesn’t work as well as what works to have truly lasting, healthy, glowing and vibrant facial skin. If you’re tired of buying the latest greatest just to find out it didn’t work, I’ll tell you the political reasons why not and how EASY it is to start making a lasting change. Come ready to be shocked, learn and have a BUNCH of fun!

Discover the 2 MUST haves and the 2 MUST NOT have in your kitchen and bathroom for eternal beauty, both inside and out!

Duration: 3 hours
Space: 20 spots
Price: $12
Schedule: TBA
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Heal and prevent injuries with alignment-based yoga. Nope, this isn’t just a Simon Says yoga, this modality is meant to get your body healing to either prevent injuries or recover from injuries! Side effects are massive energy, deeper sleep, being nicer to people and finally learning how to just feel good day in and day out. Promise. I won’t let you down.

Click on the image to view the full bio’s.

Price: All BMe Yoga is membership-based. We are currently full in some classes and have a waiting list. You are also welcome to “drop-in” one of our classes as we hold 2 open spots in every class for drop-in’s. Please come at least 15 minutes early so we can get you all set up in class comfortably:)

Monday & Wednesday 9:00 Gentle w/Betsy

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 Alignment Based Gentle w/Rachel

Tuesday 5:15pm & Saturday 9:00am Alignment Based Moderate w/Rachel

You can email at or call at 828-837-2727 for any more questions. Thank you!

Private Alignment Based Yoga

Bringing The Three Aspects of Yoga Together
Rachel is experienced in working one-on-one with people in discovering the cause of musculature pain.

Rachel is experienced in working one-on-one with people in discovering the cause of musculature pain.

She is able to then guide you through a series of poses with accurate alignment that will give some level of immediate results. With exploration, discovery and alignment based of human anatomy, many root causes can be addressed and facilitated with some precise instruction of movement verses random “stretching”. Rachel no longer takes regular private appointments, yet does open it to 4 clients at a time. Call the store and speak to Sandi for details.

Cost: $60/hour
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