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Massage is a leading way to overall wellness to eliminating aches and pains as well. We are super excited to share that we have two top massage therapists that focus on exactly what your body is asking for. Meet both Kristina and Will below and grab your appointment now by clicking below.


Massage isn't only a luxury, it's a necessity. Eliminate old toxins so you can absorb new nutrients, regain flexibility, relive yourself from pain and discard stress.


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Will Monroe was inspired to become a massage therapist after his wife fell ill. After she found continue success with acupuncture and massage therapy. Will quit his 17-year career in computer networking and became a massage therapist. Graduating in 2015, he focused on building a large practice specializing in Neuromuscular, Orthopedic, Post Surgical, Lymphatic Drainage, Myoskeletal, Prenatal and Visceral Manipulation. He is best known for a deep and therapeutic massage. Hot stones and towels can be incorporated in his massage as well. Will now provides his client the same relief that massage provides for his wife. His sees every massage as an opportunity to bring renewed energy and life to others.