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Costa Rica Retreat 2016

BMe Ultimate Lifestyle Retreat

BMe Ultimate Lifestyle Retreat

Come get your ultimate rejuvenation in one of the Top 5 Healthiest places in the world with Rachel Elise!

Rachel Elise began debunking the lies you have been told about BodyCare, Yoga & Nutrition starting 17 years ago after a bout of ovarian cysts, chronic arthritis and colon cancer… all cured herself. Now she is formulating and selling her body care line nationally, speaking and leading classes and retreats.

2 Spots Opened today from cancellations… this is your chance to come! [video_embed url=””]


Come surround yourself in the best possible goodness in which you will Debunk the lies you have been told in BodyCare, Yoga & Nutrition

• Devour 100% Organic Food, 3 Meals a day including energizing smoothies

• Learn the amazing benefits of what you put IN your body and what you put ON your body- skin care and nutrition

• Focus on how you move precisely with an alignment based practice

• Learn in detail how and why meditation works and start manifesting through your meditations
The weeklong retreat starts at $995 (includes cabin & 21 organic meals) and $265 for Rachel’s Workshops… for real!

The weeklong retreat starts at $995 (includes cabin & 21 organic meals) and $265 for Rachel’s Workshops… for real!

Are you curious to find out how to have a regular and consistent yoga practice that motivates you into the things that matter most in your life?

You will be blown away with how incredibly energetic your body will feel eating 3 organic meals a day combined with green superfood smoothies.

Butterflies, monkeys, and a lush beautiful jungle await just outside your huge mountainside windows that also overlook the ocean! Take a leisurely walk down to the ocean for the benefit of deep nourishment for your skin, joints and muscles.

Find out the secret to having a regular yoga practice AND meditation practice that will achieve MASSIVE results in your body AND brain immediately… all while overlooking the ocean!

Experience Essential Oils and all that they can do for you… learn what you will not want to be without in addition to making your own personally designed product just for you.

This Healthy Life Style Retreat is for you if…

• You are committed to your health and are willing to go even deeper to become your healthiest you

• You desire a deep understanding of your body and the best way to relieve pain or prevent injuries

• You want to learn about what you eat and know if it makes you either feel good or feel bad.

• You want to experience the “you become what you eat” in a healthy way

• You are seeking a place that supports and even encourages you to be in nature – the ultimate environment to make some lasting changes in your Healthy LifeStyle through what you eat, put on your skin, proper body alignment and details of how meditation actually works!

• You are ready to make the switch from toxic to natural body care.

• You are ready to have meditation in your daily life that works, is easy and is fun too.

• You love to travel abroad, eat fantastically well, walk through lush greenery, stroll on mountaintops and beaches, want to learn what makes your skin beautiful and strong, have a yoga practice that is based on alignment and that’s shifts your energy for your best self ever!

• Yeah… I think that sums it up. Oh and are seeking a little more culture in your life. Ok, I’m done…. Well, maybe not… Here’s the bigger picture…
2 Spots Re-Opened- And that’s it!

2 Spots Re-Opened- And that’s it!

The week long retreat starts at $995 (includes cabin & 21 organic meals) and $265 for Rachel’s Workshops… for real!

Your Healthy Life Style Retreat begins with…

Your trip to the ultimate Healthy Lifestyle living retreat in Costa Rica begins as you soar to one of the lushest countries in the world.

Your trip to the ultimate Healthy Lifestyle living retreat in Costa Rica begins as you soar to one of the lushest countries in the world.

Travel by car a bit and then by ferry to reach our destination along side the ocean, Montezuma, which is known as a Blue Zone. A Blue Zone is one of five areas in the world where people are known to live the longest and healthiest.

As you reach Anamaya retreat center high on the mountain top you will guided towards your uniquely one of a kind cabina. Each cabina has big windows that overlook the mountains and off into the beautiful blue Ocean.

Click on any of the below images to see a slideshow of the luxurious accommodations:
Your Yoga is regular, deep and transformational…

Your Yoga is regular, deep and transformational…

Your Yoga is regular, deep and transformational…

Gather on the wooden yoga deck each morning and evening that overlooks the Pacific ocean. Let nature and Rachel be your guide to go further into your practice. Learn more about your body’s biomechanics and brain in one week then perhaps you have in years with applying such subtle and yet detail alignment.

Rachel will share with you specifics about:

Rachel will share with you specifics about:

• The art as well as the science on relieving old injuries while helping you into your most optimal alignment to prevent future injuries.

• If you want to Find out What your secret motivator is to a consistent practice is, you don’t want to miss a single session.

• If you want deep transformation in your yoga, to finally take it to the next level and to really understand the bio-mechanics of lasting results, NOT temporary, then you are in the right place.
Hike to the beach from your own front door…

Hike to the beach from your own front door…

You will also have the opportunity to walk from your cabin door through the green lush trail on the mountainside right to the ocean.

We incorporated the ocean in this retreat with the knowing of how healing not only water is to our bodies, but salt water. Salt water is the ultimate detoxifier for our skin, muscles and joints.

Lay in the sun for some much needed vitamin D if you are coming from the States (because it will be winter in the U.S. and Canada) or walk the beachside for light exercise and sweet contemplation.

Not just Food… Organic Food! And Prepared FOR YOU!

No worries on cooking because each day you will be served super healthy meals from 100% organic ingredients, local superfoods and spice most of which are grown right around you. Experience what eating super healthy feels like in your own body and learn how easy it is to make lasting changes once you leave.

Anamaya’s restaurant and dining experience is unique and a core part of the Anamaya experience. Their chefs and kitchen staff prepare the food in the prep kitchen and then bring all ingredients into our main lodge kitchen where guests can watch, learn, and sometimes even participate!

The chefs will teach tricks to anyone who cares to learn, and they have occasional cooking classes too. If you thought eating healthy had to be just salads, think again and enjoy what real healthy eating can be. Seriously, last year none of us could stop eating.

And here’s the highlight… Implementation

Our whole retreat is not only that you experience optimal health through your physical yoga practice, in your mind, and your eating habits, but to also teach you how easy it is to make these lasting changes in your life on an ongoing bases.

This retreat is obviously luxurious, but it’s also a time and space to really understand how to make these changes in your life for when you return to your regular life. This is the main goal for this retreat. If this is important to you, then this retreat is for you.

Rachel’s Workshops include:

Debunking the Lies of Body Care, Yoga & Nutrition

The Why’s, How’s and What For’s of Meditation

Join Rachel for a deep exploration of neuroscience and human potential. Learn how you can break old habits and create new ones, in real time… also known as, “how does this meditation stuff really work?” Workshop meditations will be results- and goal-specific, with step-by-step guidance and discussion on what’s literally happening in the biology of your body as you practice. Prerequisite: watch the movie What the Bleep (Available on YouTube Here) (3 Hours)

Yoga: Healing or Hurting?

Is your yoga helping or hurting your body? Empower yourself and improve your practice with a deep understanding of your body’s biomechanics. Slight tweaks to your alignment within poses can eliminate long-term aches, decrease back pain and rejuvenate your joints in ways you never knew were possible! This workshop uses a therapeutic, hands-on approach–the instructor will make continual adjustments to your postures as we move, to ensure you are working with your body, not fighting it. Plus, we’ll introduce the pairing of emotions with postures to speed mental and physical healing. Get ready to go deep! (3-4 Hours)

What The “Beauty and Health” Industry Doesn’t Tell You About BodyCare And Nutrition

• Why is BodyCare so toxic?

• What are the three key things to have in your home emergency kit?

• Get Rachel’s “avoid by all cost” list of ingredients and two-step plan to vibrant, healthy skin… once and for all!

• Learn the one really good reason why you may be struggling to lose weight. Understand sugar: Friend or foe?

• Is there something growing in your gut? How do emotions affect your health?

• Leave feeling empowered with the knowledge you need to make informed choices about body and beauty care!
3 Spots Open- And that’s it!

3 Spots Open- And that’s it!

The week long retreat starts at $895 (includes cabin & 21 organic meals) and $265 for Rachel’s Workshops… for real!

Map of Costa Rica

A Tropical Paradise

Anamaya is located at one of the highest points in Montezuma overlooking some of the best ocean views in the area. We are only 5 minutes from downtown and several beautiful beaches.

Montezuma is in the Puntarenas Province located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and began as a small fishing village. The area began to attract tourists in the 1980s because of its natural beauty, waterfalls, variety of activities, and opportunity to relax. Montezuma is also known for its yoga community as well as its creative and healing arts.

If you are at the place of really wanting to make a lasting shift in your feeling heart, your moving body and your thinking brain…

We are going down the rabbit whole and then a bit more to learn from Rachel who is founder and formulator of her 16 year old 100% synthetic free body care company, Blue Moon Elise.

This Healthy Life Style Retreat is for you if:

• You are committed to your health and are willing to go deeper

• You desire a deep understanding of your body and the best way to relieve pain or prevent injuries

• You care about what you eat and know it makes you either feel good or feel bad You want to experience the “you become what you eat” in a healthy way You are seeking a place that supports and encourages you to be in nature to make some lasting changes in your Healthy LifeStyle

• You are ready to make the switch from toxic body care to natural body care

• You thoroughly enjoy travel, lush greenery, mountain tops, beach sides, monkey’s, organic living and culture

• Stay with us at Anamaya for a full week starting from just $895 for your cabin and 18 organic meals

What are you waiting for? Someone to take you? Be empowered and take yourself. Your time is now. It’s never too late unless it’s later.

Come join me in spectacular Montezuma, Costa Rica for the time and space to focus just on you… from the inside out.

The weeklong retreat starts at $995 (includes cabin & 21 organic meals) and $265 for Rachel’s Workshops… for real!

Rachel Your Retreat Leader

Rachel’s journey actually began as a professional dancer following being seriously ill with a cancerous colon at a young age. Did we get your attention? Hope so!

Along with the illness came deep depression until Rachel made the decision to jump head over heals into alternative medicine and she discovered a passion for learning what living a “Healthy Lifestyle” actually was about. Everything she choose to eat had to be 100% important and necessary or she didn’t consume it. She began to learn the direct relationship of what she ingested literally became the health of her body, her organs, her immune system as well as the health of her mind and now vanished depression. The relationship of how good she felt in her body and mind had EVERYTHING to do with her ability to love easier, forgive more willingly and grow her passion for life…..which was an amazing turnaround from the diagnosis she was facing. The varied studies of Ayurveda, Herbology, Meditation and Vegetarianism lead Rachel to wonder what the heck we were slathering on our skin on a daily basis as a nation. What are the ingredients? What are they good for? Or actually, why aren’t they good? Even cancerous! This huge inquiry started as a hobby, became an obsession and then transformed into a full time business – Blue Moon Elise Herbal Body Care. Blue Moon Elise creates around 60, 100% Synthetic Free Body Care Products sold in their retail establishment, website and in various health food stores and spas around the U.S.

As stated above, Yoga became a love transitioning from the world of dance but her yoga practice would begin to “fail” her so to speak following a serious auto accident. Her practice seemed to only intensify the pain and suffering she was experiencing in her neck and shoulder. She even seriously considered closing the doors of her own studio, BMe Yoga. Rachel started to feel that if her own yoga wasn’t helping her, it surely couldn’t be helping others who were hurt and trying to heal. It was then that she would discover a deeper and greater understanding through introduction to Anusara Yoga. The education she would gain superseded all of the 200+ Yoga Training Programs she had previously attended. Her love of Anusara Yoga Training would grow from the focus on body alignment and the healing she experienced in her own body. She is now completely free from shoulder and neck pain that was so excoriating and has also completed another 500 Anusara Training hours.

A few of her favorite teachers and personal mentors are Desiree Rambaugh, John Friend, Todd Norian, Gina Minyard, Sarah Faircloth, Stacy Millner-Collins and Joe Taft. What Rachel knows and imparts to others comes from them. Her classes are solely based on opening to the innate goodness that resides in each of us first and foremost and moving from the alignment in which our body’s are intended to move from. Rachel’s classes are deep and personal and yet with a super blunt and humorous approach to healing. If you have the intention to heal your body and the willingness to learn and discover your body, then game is on!

Here’s what people are saying about BMe Yoga:

I stumbled onto BMe’s Yoga studio by way of a promotional pass I received when my children purchased a cozy warming wrap for me as a Christmas gift. Upon my arrival I was immediately greeted by Rachel. After introductions, she spoke to me about my yoga practice, and inquired about any physical needs or ailments I had. The intimate classes begin with the teachings and benefits of yoga – the focus or intention for each session prepares me to be present, open my heart, and listen to my body. Throughout the session Rachel is actively engaged with students providing adjustments as needed. When I leave her class I am focused, and prepared for the challenges of the day. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous friendship. Blue Moon Elise is truly a gold nugget in the mountains of Murphy North Carolina.

BMe Yoga has really helped me through a difficult time. All that I have learned in your classes has really paid off. Thank you so much for helping me. I was feeling pretty scared and desperate for a while there, but yoga helped me get through it. Murphy is lucky to have you!

I have been going to yoga for over 3 years now and have always felt I was getting lots of health benefits. Now I am sure. In August, I was painting the exterior of my house. I had climbed a ladder leaning against the deck railing. I heard the metallic sound of it slipping out from under me, and before I could react, the ladder threw me off upside down onto my gravel drive. I landed on my right side and hit the top side of my head. As I rolled, I slammed my left arm onto the gravel. Next thing I knew, I was sitting with my knees up with blood running down my face. As my partner ran around to me, I tried to assure him I was okay. Of course, I wasn’t. He loaded me into the car and we headed for the emergency room. I got 3 staples in my head wound, a brace on my broken left hand and a bottle of pain killers.

My yoga practice comes in here: It could have been a lot worse. My core muscle strength and flexibility helped me absorb the trauma of the fall and proved to be my saving grace as I began to heal. In just 3 days, I could move around and lift myself out of bed without help. By the end of the first week, I felt really good. Although my hand took some time, that was even a pretty quick recovery because my hands were strong from plank and down dog poses. All in all, I am convinced yoga saved me. I started back last week and I feel great! I’m proud of my resilience and I thank Rachel and her teaching for my continued good health. Namaste!

Rachel is an amazing teacher. She helps you achieve your full potential with detailed instructions. I am always excited to take one of her classes and see what I am capable of under her expert guidance. Thank you Rachel you Rock!

I was in a bad accident and have scoliosis, sciatica, sports injuries from 18 years of competitive swimming, etc. After practicing with instructors like you, who focus on the physiology of yoga and the health benefits of working with joints and bones, I am a changed body and woman. You speak truth. You are an inspiration for well being and health.

Your contagious smile and authentic spirit makes my heart so happy! I dream of the day that I can join you on retreat.. or even in your cozy studio in the mountains for more amazing yoga instruction. Your focus on holistic health and your approach to your personal yoga practice make you a walking testimony that you live what you believe. I have never felt so comfortable in yoga as when you are leading me and appreciate the knowledge you have shared with me to help better my health and practice. Not to mention I am completely addicted to your body care products rock on my sister.

Every time I’ve had the pleasure of being led by you in yoga I walked away more expansive, energized and excited about life. I feel the same about your BMe products.

A little food for thought:

A Costa Rican man at age 60 has about twice the chance of reaching age 90 as does a man living in the United States, France, or even Japan. Costa Rica spends only 15 percent of what America does on health care, yet its people appear to be living longer, seemingly healthier lives than people in any other country on Earth.