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I love health. I love body care. I love juicing and smoothie-making. I love yoga. So when it comes to wellness-boosting products, I have a lot of favorites. Over the last decade I have often been asked what my go-to health and household preferences are. In short, I carry most of my favorites at our retail location in Murphy, NC. Plus, I’ve now started to get a few of these “faves” online to make it easy for you to grab them and enjoy yourself! I’m also going to share a few of my fave recipes for health-boosting items that you can make yourself! Oh, and if you want to find out my favorites in any product category not listed below, email me here or Facebook me here.

Okay, here are Rachel’s Recommendations:

What Do I Clean My House With?

I looove “Charlie’s” cleaners! What can I say, I love everything Charlie’s. I love the laundry detergent. It gets everything out. Seriously. You got wine, blood, grass stains, pine sap, tar and/or even poop on your clothes? It’s all out with Charlie’s! (Yes, poop. I use cloth diapers with my li’l one… those poop stains “be gone” for over two years now!) I also love Charlie’s household cleaner. It makes life simple: I don’t need to think about which detergents and potions I need to buy for every different part of the house. That’s expensive and most cleaners contain the same stuff for the most part anyways. Instead, I use Charlie’s household cleaner pretty much everywhere: on the kitchen counters, floors, toilets, tubs, my car tires… and so on. It’s soooooo good on that shower funk that builds up… just spray, wipe, rinse. E-A-S-Y. (Okay, I just don’t use it on wood. But that’s pretty much the only exception!)

Diaper Ointment

Yup I gotta favorite diaper ointment, and I mean this stuff works! It’s from Sun-Bo-Shine. They have some great formulators on their team. This ointment goes on so easy and works beautifully. If you’re a mom with a new baby, get it. You won’t regret it! Since I’ve had Eli, I’ve gotten so many people asking what I use on my li’l man. This is it!

Stretch Marks

Oh, also use the Body/Belly Butter during your pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It’s soooooo awesome. I’ll also mention my unmentionables: I used it on my vaginal opening to prevent tearing during childbirth… and I had no tears and no stretch marks “down there” either.

Got Constipation?

Well, most of you know that my journey to health and wellness started when I was a teenager and was only pooping once every couple of weeks. Read here if you don’t know. (LINK) And it was one of my fave products from Dr. Shulze that came to my rescue. If you think you’ve tried everything to make yourself poop, think again. This stuff is guaranteed. Now I will say this: Start with one of these herbal pills a night, then increase the dosage slowly until you get results. This stuff works but you don’t want to jump ahead of yourself. You will be amazed at what comes out! And you’ll feel so much better.

My Favorite Green Drink

Well, I’m a fan of making a smoothie every single day. Click here for my recipes. If you’re not gonna get a blender, then do this: Get some Dr. Shulze SuperFood green powder. Then mix it in some water, apple juice or tomato juice. Down it. Feel amazing. I mean like really amazing. Click on over to it. [LINK?] This stuff will rock yo’ world!

De-Funk the Car/ Hand Sanitizer/ Flu- and Cold-Buster

What can I be talking about? No other than BMe’s Room Sprays! These babies are loaded with Essential Oils that are ready to combat germs. They have antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties… they got your back! You can spray them on your:

* car seats and couches, cause these don’t get washed often if at all

* in the air to kill airborne germs, especially if someone in your home is ill

* and I spray my baby’s hands before he eats while we are out and about (and my own!)

Spray it up! Lavender Bliss and Mint Bliss are my faves.

So there you have it, all my faves. The great news is, you can purchase any of these through our online store or at our brick-and-mortar shop in Murphy, NC. I can’t wait to hear if my fave’s have become yours?