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Our Most Popular Soap- Ain't Buggin' Me

Our Ain’t Bugging Me soap is excellent for being outdoors in the garden, or for a warm evening stroll. Paired with our Bug Spray Oil, bugs will have no chance!  This is our #1 Most Popular Soap On Amazon.


In every batch there are 4 corners to the batch and that end bar weights in a tiny bit less than all the other bars which are 4.0oz so expect them to weight a little less.  Each of them also has a bit of character on the corner.  I used to be so weary that people would think they were ugly.  Gosh was I wrong!  People come into the store actually looking for those now!  


This soap was originally made back in 2001 when I taught at a local craft school beginning their first ever soap and body care making class.  My significant other asked me to create a soap to repel bugs during that class with the students as it was summer and he was being eaten alive as a landscaper.  We made the soap in the class and it was a hit!  Not a one hit wonder though.  It took many years before it took off!  Selling between 100-200 a day on Amazon, folks are eaten the soap up rather than being eaten up!  (But if you do deep into the woods or long garden days, make sure to partner it with one of our Ain't Buggin' Me Sprays!)



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