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Wow, a bug oil that works without toxic poisons!

Our bug spray is oil-based and therefore creates a multi-stage defense for your skin.

 When first applied, the oil is immediately absorbed into the skin and starts working on contact.

As your body’s heat interacts with the essential oils, the bug-repellent properties are re-enlivened and bugs are kept away for longer.

Our product smells great and keeps working where water-based repellants don’t work as long. Blue Moon Elise Bug Spray Oil will be there protecting you…naturally!


Partner with our Most Popular Soap- Ain't Buggin' Me

Our Ain’t Bugging Me soap is excellent for being outdoors in the garden, or for a warm evening stroll. Paired with our Bug Spray Oil, bugs will have no chance!  This is our #1 Most Popular Soap On Amazon!

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