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Ready to Say Farewell to Dry, Itchy Skin and Harmful Chemicals?  

Our First-Ever Membership Box is your ticket to pure, plant-based bliss.


You Can Get your Healthy Skin Solutions sent right to you

Every Month! 

        -->100% Pure & Natural

        -->Handmade for 25 years

        -->Guaranteed to give you hydrated and restored skin

        -->Made from plants from real farmers

        -->Shipped right to your door

        -->Cancel anytime

    Born from 25 years of woman-owned experience and a mission to end toxic beauty products, we're thrilled to introduce this exclusive offer. 

    Don't let dryness and toxins hold you back. Secure your box today, and join our clean and hydrated revolution! 

    Each month enjoy getting 2 BME Soaps and 1 of our 100% natural Body Oils sent right to your door along with open access to our BMe Online Portal for all things natural body care.  Get instant access to see behind the scenes of the process in Rachel's Soapatory, the ingredients used and why to use what products. 

    In other words, like your own concierge service for natural body care! - The do's and don'ts...:)

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