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If you’ve gotten to my site for this product, it’s likely you read some of my latest email or social media posts.  If not, read the long description below!  I will not be placing any words that remotely claim anything on this product, regardless of the research that is available, so I can keep the product from being under scrutiny by the FDA and needing to remove it.

While the FDA Has NOT tested BMe’s Rogue’s Oil, nor any other essential oil blend, on the latest virus, we do know that some purely distilled essential oils have anti-viral constituents by nature that can be detoxifying. This is well documented in peer-reviewed scientific studies that can be found via a quick google search!

  • Our Rogue’s easy-to-spray on-the-go oil
  • Simply shake and spray on your hands

Safe for YOU:
  • It’s not magic, it’s natural.
  • Essential oils — concentrated, aromatic, volatile chemical liquids distilled from plants — are highly potent, and full of possibilities and have shown very large improvements to one’s health.
  • Moisturizing Hand/Body Soap and Non-Drying Detoxing Rogue’s Oil!
Better for the planet:
  • Commercial “soaps” aren’t soaps, they are detergents that are destroying our planet’s aquifers.
  • The fish will thank you for it!
  • No phathlates, SLS’s, petro’s, animal testing or ingredients that were tested on animals.
On the go:
  • Take it with you!

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