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Say GOOD RIDDANCE to old school Lysol and Glad sprays with proven toxic ingredients to our precious families AND our beautiful planet!  (If you don't know this yet, NOW YOU DO!  There's a reason why you intuitively know not to breath in one of these sprays when using....and for the warning labels on them!)

BMe Room Sprays work to help kill off some germs and make your place smell good ALL WHILE BEING COMPLETELY SAFE AND NATURAL!

Use in your house for the obvious, to make it smell good, on your toilets and counter tops to clean and sanitize and even on your couch to sanitize!  I mean, when does a couch ever get a cleaning?! 

Get all 4 of BMe Room Spray Collection today for 25% OFF. 

Romance for the bedroom, Citrus for the bathroom, Mint for the kitchen and Lavender for.....everything. Or switch up however meets your fancy:)

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