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Our BMe beard soap was originally made to wash a man's precious beard....and it's washed many a men's beard's!  Nowadays we have men that use this soap to actually shave their beards too!

The extra shea butter added to this formula is great in leaving a man's beard feeling soft and hydrated while also squeaky clean.  And on the other hand, the shea butter offers enough thickness to get a good close shave.

Nothing about this formula will dry you out but rather moisturize the skin to help eliminate itchy and dry skin. Definitely a man's favorite! 

Our BMe Beard Oil has been tired on many a men's beards to get that perfect amount of hydration to his beard while not being "oily" so to speak.  Apply just a dab and rub on in!  Enjoy our "campfire" smelling blend:)  Who doesn't like a good smelling campfire?!

This formula contain jojoba oil which is a good addition to rub deep underneath the hair and get on the skin to eliminate dry and itchy skin.

Remember, all BMe products are 100% synthetic free and 100% pure and natural, no fragrances, only essential oils!

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