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Natural Ingredients:

For over 2 decades, our products have been crafted in-house.  This soap is a  blend of saponified oils including Coconut, Olive, Castor, Rice Bran, and sustainable Palm oils. We also incorporate peppermint leaves (mostly because they look cool and offer a little bit of exfoliation😍) and essential oils of Peppermint, NEVER using fragrance oils. That's the Blue Moon Elise promise!


STIMULATING! A Great morning bar that gives you that “get up and go” energy to start your day off right! Oatmeal has excellent skin-exfoliating qualities and is another favorite soap among men.

Indulge in the ultimate bathing experience with our exquisite BMe soap bar infused with essential oils, designed to evoke feelings of warmth and love as it gently caresses your skin.

Unlike regular soaps that strip your skin of moisture with harsh chemicals, our body soap, crafted using an all-natural cold process technique, ensures your skin remains cleansed and deeply moisturized.

Embracing our commitment to natural ingredients, our soap bars are plant-based, free from preservatives and artificial chemicals, making them suitable for both men and women.

As a cruelty-free and eco-conscious brand, our soaps are cold processed and made with 100% certified sustainable palm oil, contributing to the preservation of the orangutan habitat impacted by conventional palm production.

Experience the nourishing power of our small eco-friendly business's body skin care products, as they are super-fatted by 5% and infused with healing essential oils for an unmatched bathing pleasure.



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