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Listen, this is an amazing gift! - A variety of 9 BMe herbal handmade and cold processed soaps and a BMe Lavender Lip Balm packed and ready for Christmas morning!  These babies fly out of our flagship store in Murphy, North Carolina and they are discounted in price because of the set! We are always updating our soaps so after ordering, sit tight and be excited about which you will receive:)


Lavender Lip Balm: Our luxurious lip balm is full of wonderful ingredients that are super-moisturizing and contribute to the overall, long term health of your lips. Our formula contains almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin E and lavender essential oil. Compare that to commercially available lip balms which contain petroleum by-products and are actually toxic to you and to the environment! In fact, petroleum-based lip balms actually contribute to the dryness of your lips because they pull the natural inner moisture out to the surface where it evaporates and creates a need for reapplication.

BMe Soap- BMe’s 100% Pure & Natural plant-based, cold processed soaps are like all of our products… handmade to perfection! We use the carrier oils of Coconut, Palm, Rice Bran, Olive and Castor. Not only do you get squeaky clean, but we superfat our soap by 5% which provides EXTRA moisture for your skin! Each soap has a different essential oil blend specially and personally formulated for their unique therapeutic benefits.

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