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Do you know an overworked mom in your life? Or perhaps you are one? You know the kind of lady that is keeping it all together - the bikes left on the porch, picks up a piece of bread on the floor, fixes the broken cabinet door, drives the kids to classes, and cleans the  crayon off the wall – work, work, work which equals overworked and overwhelmed. Mom's are never paid monetarily, yet we are paid in the reward of our happy hearts, a sense of joy for life and peace.  And it'd be great to be rewarded with some great body care too:) 

Using Essential Oils can do just this, give a woman a renewed sense of well-being, happiness and plain 'ol relaxation.  In turn, this renewed woman easily picks that piece of bread up off the floor and becomes more in a state of honor for the job instead of just plain exhaustion.


Stress Relief Oil- This stuff has put BMe on the map and is our #1 product. It is a natural sedative as well as and anti-inflammatory, meaning it will help you into slumber quickly and when used on what hurts, muscles or joints, it relieves pain. THIS IS A MUST when you are so tired you can’t sleep or your lower back hurts from holding the little one all day!

BMe Bath Salts- include Dead Sea Salts, Sea Salts, Epsom salts and a touch of Essential Oils. The salts are composed of minerals which are not only critical for great collagen in your skin, but for your soft tissues and the magnesium for muscle relaxation from tightness and spasms.

BMe Stress Relief Body Mist- Stress Relief Mist is the formula to choose for daytime relaxation, including the balancing of hormones! It’s a fabulous blend of Lemon, Lavender, Clary Sage and Sandalwood which assist in regulating mood, thought process, and supporting the nervous system.

BMe Lavender Soap- Lavender gets its name from the Greek word Lavandula, which means “to wash.” This aromatic luscious scent is said to have anti-depressant and mood-elevating effects. This bar is excellent as a facial, as well as a full body bar. It contains pure Lavender oil and dried organic Lavender flowers. We super fat our soap by 5% for guarantee extra moisture instead of leaving you dry.

BMe Murphy Moment Soap- Our hometown soap is a favorite with floral and exotic Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, and relaxing Lavender. And of course, with a little added tapioca pearls for some extra exfoliation and massage to the skin.

BMe B:Free Lotion- This formula contains Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit for a sweetly uplifting, nourishing and revitalizing experience. Use 100% Pure & Natural Lotion that hydrates your skin while providing the necessary nutrients to build healthy collagen for a glowing outer shell. Essential Oils are also added to the carrier oils for therapeutic benefits.


  •  BMe Lavender Bath Salts 8 oz
  •  BMe Stress Relief Body Oil 4 oz
  •  BMe B: Free Lotion 16 oz
  • BMe Stress Relief Body Mist 2 oz
  • BMe Lavender Blossom Soap 4 oz
  • BMe Murphy Moment Soap 4 oz

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