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The Ultimate Sleep Box is perfect for that person, (which may be YOU), that just simply can't sleep! There are many variables in which someone is unable to get those ultimate z's and using Essential Oils in this aid is one of many ways to remedy. Certain Essential Oils have been used for millennia in helping in the realm of sleep, Chamomile, Marjoram and Lavender being just a few. Using our Stress Relief Oil alone has brought so much help to many people and when in combination with the others it makes a great plan. In fact, BMe's Stress Relief Oil is what has nearly put our company "on the map" so to speak! Keep reading to find out more!!


Stress Relief Oil- This stuff has put BMe on the map and is our #1 product. It is a natural sedative as well as and antiinflamatory, meaning it will help you into slumber quickly and when used on what hurts, muscles or joints, it relieves pain. THIS IS A MUST when you are so tired you can't sleep or your lower back hurts from holding the little one all day!

BMe Bath Salts- include Dead Sea Salts, Sea Salts, Epsom salts and a touch of Essential Oils. The salts are composed of minerals which are not only critical for great collagen in your skin, but for your soft tissues and the magnesium for muscle relaxation from tightness and spasms.

BMe Lavender Mist- Lavender Mist is your everyday calming mister. It’s excellent to keep in your purse, on your desk at work and on your bed stand. Let’s explore briefly why… Lavender is extremely valuable for burns, inflammation, cuts, eczema, dermatitis and headaches, as well as insomnia, migraines, nausea, nervous tension, infections, acne, boils, rheumatism and arthritis. Spray Lavender Mist on your body for everything from restless nights to a relaxing mid day fix. This blend is effective, calming and safe for fussy babies, too.

BMe Lavender Soap- Lavender gets its name from the Greek word Lavandula, which means “to wash.” This aromatic luscious scent is said to have anti-depressant and mood-elevating effects. This bar is excellent as a facial, as well as a full body bar. It contains pure Lavender oil and dried organic Lavender flowers. We super fat our soap by 5% for guarantee extra moisture instead of leaving you dry.

  • BMe Stress Relief Body Oil- 4 oz
  • BMe Lavender Bath Salt- 4 oz
  • BMe Lavender Body Mist- 2 oz
  • BMe Lavender Blossom Soap- 4 oz

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