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The Perfect Thinking of You Box can be hard to come by.  Let's face it, most gifts are cheesy mugs, pens and generic notes pads etc.  We like to offer you the idea of gifting our Thinking of You Box with Handmade, 100% synthetic free and Pure and Natural ingredients from the farmers around the world to your friend to help with natural and effective skin care that they won't just look at on a shelf, yet rather will use.


  • BMe Mint Bliss Room Spray- Our Mint Bliss Room Spray is an invigorating formula with natural detoxifying qualities for any room of the house particularly the bathroom, basements and even your car.  It’s stimulating qualities that are also effective for upper respiratory congestion. Naturally anti-bacterial and fungal, it is an excellent choice to detoxify during cold and allergy seasons!
  • BMe Rosemary Mint Soap- Rosemary and Mint meld together in this energizing and stimulating soap, for body and mind! Whole organic rosemary leaves are scattered throughout, making this another favorite among men and women who love a bit of an exfoliant. We also superfat our soap which means not only do you get squeaky clean, you are left moisturized relieving dry and itchy skin.
  • BMe Lip Balm -  Our luxurious lip balm is full of wonderful ingredients that are super-moisturizing and contribute to the overall, long term health of your lips. Our formula contains almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin E and lavender essential oil. Compare that to commercially available lip balms which contain petroleum by-products and are actually toxic to you and to the environment! In fact, petroleum-based lip balms actually contribute to the dryness of your lips because they pull the natural inner moisture out to the surface where it evaporates and creates a need for reapplication.
  • Simply Body Soap Net - Want to have your soap longer lasting? Of course, everyone does!  This handy little soap net keeps your soap longer lasting because it allows it to air dry between uses.  It also doubles as an exfoliator  as you can use it to wash with as well!

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